• Polygamy is seen as an achievement in most African settings.

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Getting married to two or three wives is no longer something to be frowned upon.

Crazy as it may seem polygamy, is seen as an achievement in most African settings. The problems in polygamous unions come in when the co-wives don't get along.

Below are tips to practise polygamy easily;

Talk to your first wife about your intentions

For polygamy to thrive it is best to first talk to your wife so that you can inform her about your intentions. Some women do not like sharing. If she refuses take some time and try again.

If she still refuses then chose the best way forward depending on why you want a second wife.

Talk to your potential second wife

Talk to your potential second wife and explain to her how things will work out.

Also, explain the boundaries she cannot cross so as to maintain harmony in your polygamous union.

Most second wives come with the mindset that they will frustrate the 1st wife and occupy her space.

So before bringing her home let her know her position.

Plan a meeting

Once you have talked to your women and they have agreed that you can marry two or three wives plan a meeting so that they can meet.

The meeting helps create a rapport and familiarize them with each other.

Different celebrities among them gospel artist Muigai Wa Njoroge, the Late John DeMathew and Governor Oparanya are examples of polygamous Kenyans.

Build them different houses

I know the idea of having both of your wives living in the same house is very enticing.

But in Kikuyu, we say that 'Two wives are a pot of witchcraft,' as it's not easy for two women to live in the same house and especially when they are sharing a man.

So if you have the resources build them separate houses. If not rent them houses in different places so that they won't be at each other's necks.

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