Lil Nas X says he's no longer gay after failing to win a Grammy

He said he would resign from Illuminati too


ā€¢ Lil Nas says he wand to be slutted out after failing to win the grammy award 

Lil Nas X is unhappy after failing to bag a grammy award. 

After thrilling the Grammy's audience with his stellar performance Lil Nas was not happy about the ending. 

"I can't believe I lost all my Grammys, I am now no longer gay!" the American singer tweeted.

Not so long after, he tweeted: "I change my mind, I want to be slutted out tonight."

The American singer and rapper Montero Lamar Hill earlier before the grammy said that he will be officially signing out from the Illuminati if he failed to win an award at the 64th annual grammy. It turned out that the American artist did not win.

"If I don't leave with Grammy's tomorrow I will be formally turning in my resignation letter  to Illuminati," he said

The 22-year-old rapper gave one of his best night performances but was disappointed as things failed to turn up as he wished. He failed to get any new trophies but according to his fans, he is always a winner.

He, however, believes that come next year, he will win the Grammy award.

"Grammys baby! Let's try again next year," he wrote on his Instagram page.

He then added on his tweeter: ā€œIā€™m either gonna win a Grammy, go to a club, get drunk, and have s*x with a random stranger or lose each Grammy, go to a club, get drunk, and have s*x with a random stranger.ā€

Lil Nas X took it to his Twitter saying how emotional he felt watching Doja get the award, he seems to be so trenched.

His fans have tried to cheer him up by telling him how great of an artist he is and in their hearts, he will always win.

Yes, he failed to win but he did light up the red carpet.

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