7 peculiar behaviours Kenyans do

Kenyans have odd behaviours that make us stand out


• If you are a true Kenyan, then you must be guilty of one peculiar habit that is common to most Kenyans.

Let's not lie, Kenyans all have unusual habits that single them out in any crowd.

Some of these habits are quite hilarious while some need to be worked on and changed for the best.

Below is a list of the peculiar behaviors that most Kenyans possess.

  • Getting an Mpesa Confirmation text and still asking the receiver if they have got the money.

Now that most transactions are being done through the phone, you find a customer who already has a confirmation message on her phone still inquiring whether the transaction has been successful?

  • Calling any type of toothpaste Colgate and powder detergents Omo

According to Kenyans, every powder detergent is called Omo whether it's Ariel, Sunlight or Persil. We all refer to them as Omo.

  • Weather Forecasting by looking at the sky

When the sun gets too hot or the humidity goes high, we find ourselves predicting that the rain might pour.

  • Eating leftover dinner as breakfast

Most Kenyans have adapted to eating leftover food as breakfast especially Ugali which is common, especially in our traditional homes.

  • Starting speeches with 'Mine is Just a  few remarks, then talking for 1 hour

This behavior is especially common for people who have been given the chance to give closing remarks whereby they take up much time before concluding the speeches.

  • Hitting a remote controller or biting batteries instead of buying a new pair

Every Kenyan can attest to having slapped their remotes as a way of making them work or biting their batteries at least once before buying a new pair.

  • Calling someone at 12 A.M and asking if they are asleep

Someone will call past midnight to ask if you are still asleep to give you "tea" or ask something very absurd.

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