Lady who tattooed bf's name on her forehead gifted yoghurt

• The lady's actions have received mixed reactions from Kenyans online.

A woman who dedicated her love for her boyfriend by tattooing his name on her forehead was given yoghurt and flowers by the man.

The lady, in a TikTok video, showed the extensive work she put into penning the name Paul Kibe as the ultimate show of affection.

"I have decided I want to draw a tattoo of my man's name, his two names - hapa- " she pointed at her body part.

Many questions were asked about it, and the man has come online to respond.

"A lot of you have been asking, why would she tattoo my name on her head? Lakini let me show you the power of flowers." 

He then shows the lady sitting on a bed. "Hey baby," he addresses her.

She looked up in delight, smiling at him as he handed over a container that turned out to be yoghurt. "Hi, how are you? Umeshinda aje?" she enquires.

He responds, "Fiti, na unakaa fiti walahi, wow I even see the number plate -  name- is still there,  mali safi. I had told you in the morning I would bring you a gift."

She notices he is hiding something behind his back, as he hands her yoghurt. "Baby I know you love this. Will you unwrap something?" he hints to her that he has another gift. 

He hands over a bouquet of red roses wrapped in black paper. 

She is overcome with joy, thanking him for the thoughtful gift. "Thanks babe. No wonder I put your number plate over here," gesturing to her forehead.

"Only do this if you love your man, if you don't, usiweke." 

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