Political job Obinna wanted before replacing Jalang’o

Obinna wanted to run for an MCA seat in Makongeni, but shelved his ambitions after getting a job on Kiss 100.

Piece by: Dennis Milimo

• Obinna replaced Jalang'o in February 2022 after he parted ways with the station for politics

• Jalang'o and Obinna are very good friends and they  always shared business opportunities  

Obinna has opened up on joining politics.
Jalango, Oga Obinna and Kamene Goro. Obinna has opened up on joining politics.
Image: Courtesy

Kiss 100 presenter  Oga Obinna has opened up possibilities of joining the political world after his close friend and fellow comedian Jalang’o got elected to represent the people of Lang’ata at the National Assembly.  

According to the funnyman man he has always followed in the footsteps of Langa'ata MP-elect - replacing him on every job he has done. 

"We were speaking with Phelo (Jalang’o) yesterday and I was telling him that weird enough, every space he has been too, I have been into it too.

"From his house to jobs. Where he used to stay he left me his house. A lot of jobs he has done, he has always given me his clients, he has also handed over all the way to Kiss 100. So he might handover Lang’ata too. But time will tell," Obinna stated. 

Obinna disclosed that he wanted to run for an MCA seat in Makongeni ward, but shelved his ambitions after getting a job on Kiss 100.

“I wanted to run for an MCA seat bin Makongeni, where I stayed for a while because I know all of their problems then I got a job. I had to weigh which one is priority. I said, for me to help the people of Makongeni I have to upgrade myself first, build better networks so that when I run next time or even if I get connections I can help them without even running for office,' Obinna explained. 

The funnyman explained that the idea of vying for a political seat is always to try and better the lives of the people you represent.

“The idea of running is to help bring change. If I change the community with NGOs then there is no need to run for office. Right now I am partnering with NGOs for mental wellness. I have been through a lot and I want to get a couple of men try and help them get well mentally. Men are so broke out here and nobody seems to care,” Obinna said.

The 2022 General Election saw a number of Kenyan celebrities join the political world, vying for various positions – MCA to Governor.

Radio personality Jalang’o, Ronald Karauri, DNG, John Kiarie (KJ), and Mohamed Ali, are some of the celebrities who got elected into office.

Bahati, Gabu, MC Jessy, Bonnie Musambi, and Jahmby Koikai did not manage to convince electorate’s in their respective areas to vote for them.

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