Go to court! Obinna respond to his baby mama who termed him 'toxic'

Obinna has three different baby mamas and four children

• Obinna's baby Mama called him out for painting her out as a bad mother.

• Obinna told his baby mama to go to court if she feels things are not okay.

Comedian Obinna
Comedian Obinna
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Kiss FM radio presenter Oga Obinna was put on the spot by one of his baby mamas who called him out for allegedly mistreating her.

According to posts on her Insta stories, the said baby mama said Obinna had been painting her out as a bad mother.

She further alleged that he had made co-parenting tough after their breakup.

She further said that she was also not able to see or even communicate with her daughter since Obinna blocks her from doing so.

In the posts, she added that, unlike Obinna's other baby mamas, she did not give up her kids to him, which might have resulted in bitterness.

"Just because other baby mamas gave you kids willingly, now you want me to give up on mine." She wrote in one post.

She added that Obinna records videos and audios and edits out the positive side of her and proceeds to post the negative parts to tarnish her reputation.

She said the reason she exposed him was since he had influenced her children to disrespect her adding that efforts to make things work have been futile as he threatens to take her to police and lawyers.

Well, responding to the allegations on Kiss FM today, Obinna told his baby mama to go to court if she feels things are not okay.

Obinna said he had all the receipts but he is protecting her because of their children.

"I had said that I am not gonna respond due to the wellness of the kids. I wake up today and saw very many messages from people who don't even know me insulting me. I have talked to a couple of my friends who matter to me and I said I will never address a baby mama issue in the public," he said.

Obinna added that if there is a problem, the said baby mama should just go to court.

"I have receipts of everything. If I decide to release all this, the baby mama might end up being depressed for the rest of her life and she will be broken for the rest of her life. So I chose not to for her sake. But I would like to say that there are a lot of men in a toxic relationship but we don't talk about it."

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