Watch: Older women have been hitting on me since my wife's death-Baba Talisha

Baba Talisha: I am not ready to settle down

• Baba Talisha's wife died on the spot after a road accident in 2022.

• Their daughter was left in ICU for weeks after suffering injuries from the accident.

during an interview with Mpasho
Baba Talisha during an interview with Mpasho

Faustine Lipuku Lukale alias Baba Talisha has revealed that women have been hitting on him after the death of his wife Milka.

The couple were involved in a grisly road accident on Thika road in 2020 that unfortunately ended with death of Milka.

Speaking during an interview with Mpasho.Co.Ke he said, 

"Losing my wife was one of the toughest moments in my life. She passed on the spot after an accident opposite Kenyatta University. We are celebrating her second anniversary in August.

My daughter Talisha stayed in ICU for 23 days then she spent 1 month in the ward.Looking back at it now I wonder how things happened, everything happened so fast," he added.

Talisha is currently doing well although she is not completely out the woods, she continues to recover. Milka died aged 22.

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Baba Talisha who is a photographer by trade said that it comes with its fair share of challenges.

"Most of my clients are ladies. Some ladies ask for nude photos but I avoid taking such. But when am doing private photo shoots and a clients  call me to their home I always ensure there is someone else in the bedroom."

The father of one says some women have been approaching him wanting to settle down.He however said he is not in a rush.

"I have had older ladies approaching me so that we can start a life.They say they need a man in their life. I am very polite but I have had to block many people. My number is on all my social media platforms so that people can book my services.

Some people however pick the number and make physical advances.I am not looking for someone and I would never want kutafutiwa mtu."

Baba Talisha said he learnt his trade because he was passionate about it. Sadly his wife's death happened after the family had come from a family photo shoot.

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