CCTV footage accident on Nairobi Expressway emerges, list of penalties

List of penalties levied to anyone who damages the expressway

The CCTV footage of the Saturday night accident on the Nairobi Expressway has emerged.

Kenya National Highways Authority confirmed the accident and said the vehicle exiting the expressway was being driven at high speed leading to the Accident.

"The motorist crashed into the Toll Plaza and ran over other vehicles that were being cleared to exit. Consequently, the vehicle knocked one toll booth and injured one toll attendant besides the other motorists," KeNHA said in a statement.

The Authority added that those injured have been rushed to the hospital for medical attention and are responding to treatment.

The affected exit booth has been closed.

Watch the footage in the link below.

Moja Expressway, the company tasked with running the mega-project unveiled a list of fines motorists face while using the highway, especially if they cause any damage to it.

  1. Motorists will be expected to pay Ksh8.8 million for the damage to the Cantilever variable information board which provides info on where the direction a car is headed.
  2. Destruction of the ticketing machine attracts a fine of Ksh1.9 million while that of the Vehicle type recogniser attracts a fine of Ksh2.4 million.
  3. Damaging a toll booth attracts a fine of between Ksh1.3 million and 1Ksh.8 million depending on the extent while the destruction of a camera in the toll collection plaza attracts a fine of Ksh 628,678.
  4. Other fines include damage to a single street light which has a fine of between Ksh 143,890 and Ksh 262,023 and putting up graffiti attracts Ksh 2,362 fine.
  5. A vehicle stalled on the highway attracts a towing fee of between Ksh4,000 and Ksh40,000 depending on its class as well as the distance of tow.
  6. The hoisting fee, on the other hand, can go as high as Ksh140,000. Parking fees for vehicles involved in an accident ranges from 0 to Ksh900 depending on the type of the car and hours spent on the highway.
  7. Damage to the concrete attracts a fine of Ksh6,592, scratches on pavement also attract Ksh2,362 while damage of the culvert's fine is pegged at Ksh45,365.
  8. Destruction of the guardrail attracts Ksh45,348 while that of the signboard is pegged at between Ksh 34,547 and Ksh 81,120.
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