Aloooh bugaaa! Excited fans mob KRG The Don

The artist announced his arrival in Eldoret much to his fans delight

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

ā€¢ The singer was mobbed by several fans.

ā€¢ He was delighted to bask in the glory of his fame.

Krg says Huddah Monroe is not his type.
KRG the Don Krg says Huddah Monroe is not his type.
Image: Instagram

Krg The Don saw just how much he is adored by his fans this Easter. The Mambo Imechemka singer toured Maralal, Kitale, and Eldoret for scheduled performances.

"Aloooh!!! This Saturday for the 1st time ever ntakua Kitale ndani ya @official_club_touch_kitale Repin for The Ballers šŸ¾šŸ„ƒ #Bughaaa #MamboImechemka donā€™t forget to bring your besties for amazing experience ya kukua na Bughaaa kwenye area code."

At Eldoret the home of Champions, Bughaa was at Infinity Tavern where he told residents to turn up for his show, promising a good performance.

He caused quite a stir in the small town. Updating his Kenyan online family about his tour, KRG encountered loyal fans who broke down upon meeting him.

In Eldoret, they surrounded his entourage, creating traffic. KRG stood atop his Range Rover, waving at the fans who wanted to greet him. This was his first time and he got enthusiastic about the responses from his audience.

"Sunday Eldoret Infinity Bad Mambo imechemka kila korna Alooooooh."

The businessman did not mind when excited followers rushed to him. A video posted on his Instagram was shot by one of his team members showing a male fan near the front of the Range Rover, as others surround his car.

They wanted to greet the singer before his encore performance. Security escorted KRG, as he appeared delighted taking it all in stride. Fans truly showed out for him.

Some local fans expressed happiness after having waited for so long to meet the Nairobi-based musician.

The first fan was a woman who cried uncontrollably as she told him she was beaten, "Walinipiga ka Yesu man" she tells Bugaa."Pole pole wamefany amakosa,"he reassures her as she weeps some more.

"Wamenitoa mpaka kafara man angalia" she shows KRG "na niko na dredi," she mumbles wiping away her tears.

She tells him she loves him, "Bugaa nakupenda hadi staki Ringtone Bugaa uanjua nakupneda" he tells her to relax as the commotion in the car heats up.

A second fan jumps on top of his vehicle, as he dances along to some music.

"Nakuheshimu buda, nakuheshimu bughha," the elated fans lavish praise on KRG. "I am your fan bughaa". They fist bump after he jumps off the bonnet of the car.

Krg weighs in on the fan love, "This guy must be loving me too much bana."

Besides the fan, he also hangs out with Kiprono Kittonys daughter who works for Trans Nzoia County.

They toasted champagne "Pole pole taratibu" he is heard saying while opening the bottle.

"Apana kuja hapa Kitale tena unajificha kuja ukule pesa yako hapa, hapa unaenjoy maisha kabisa, taratibu."

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