Elani member reacts over Savara's claims about group

• The Sauti Sol member's comments have stirred up a lot of reactions online.

Elani member Brian Chweya has responded to singer Savara who took a jab at Elani claiming that the group had started competing with Sauti Sol before going M.I.A.

Speaking at the Mic Cheque podcast, Savara claimed that;

"The only thing I can say about Elani, I don't think they understood the assignment. I produced for them so many songs...I think they had a manager that was lying to them and something lied to them that they can replace Sauti Sol."

He went on to allege;

"That was the mistake, just relax, do the music, enjoy the music. Unajipimanisha na ma-mamba? Na hapo ndio walianza kujipimanisha 'we can be better than Sauti Sol.'" 

He acknowledged that the group was fire.

"Nawaonea huruma because they had the chance to do something very great. Huwezipata group iko na madem tu alafu chali. Elani were fire,"

He alleged that he produced their first seven songs before they allegedly started showing some 'stardomness'.

"Alafu wakamea pembe, they were trying something so profound and I was creating that with them. Alafu wakaanza tu kujiona wanoma, I think life happened."

He claimed that the members started looking for other jobs to make ends meet. He finished by saying that he was not judging  them and said, 'to each their own.'

"The beats I was creating that time, listen to 'Jana Usiku' but walikua na u-stardom. Alafu ukipata madem wawili alafu chali mmoja, hao madem walikua wanajiona wanoma."

Brian has responded to Savara on his X page claiming that the singer begged to produce for them.

"A simple Midas touch, you begged to produce my nig*. Keep our name out of your clout-chasing mouth. Sacara lies on micheque on Elani. You recorded all our songs. Nig* shaaaalap. Just because Bien is doing much better than you expected alone." 

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