Watch: Super-aggressive lady shoots her shot at shellshocked Kanyari

• The pastor has been a hit since he joined TikTok and has amazed many Kenyans with his hilarious interactions on the app.

Victor Kanyari
Image: Courtesy

Pastor Victor Kanyari finds himself in a rather interesting situation recently during a live TikTok session, where a lady made advances towards him in a flirtatious manner.

The hilarious clip has gone viral online capturing the interaction he had with a certain woman on TikTok.

In one particular clip, the lady boldly expressed her affection for the preacher, who joined the TikTok platform a few months ago, referring to him as her partner.

She went as far as suggesting that they feature on a billboard together, leaving Kanyari momentarily speechless as he processed the unexpected proposition.

"You are my man. I actually asked some of these people what is the biggest gift I am going to give to my man, and they told me to put him on a billboard.

So I am planning a billboard for me and you pale Khoja. Mtu akiingia Nairobi anakuona... it's going to cost me more than KSh 600,000 for you to be there for more than a month," the lady said. "What!" Kanyari exclaimed.

The conversation took a sudden turn from light banter to provocative discussion, with Kamunge delving into explicit details about intimate activities.

At one point, she even displayed suggestive behavior on camera, leaving Kanyari, who was relatively new to TikTok, visibly surprised.

Watch the interaction below:

Interestingly the exchange above comes less than two weeks since Kanyari expressed his desire to get a wife from the popular app.

During his speech at the time, he dismissed the idea of needing to spend time getting to know someone after finding love on social media, stating that if two people felt love for each other, they should pursue it.

"I haven't seen her yet, I was with Betty Bayo, and we had two children... But now I want to get married again. And I will marry from TikTok.

Believe me, I will marry from TikTok. I'll find a beautiful woman on TikTok. And don't tell me we have to get to know each other, there's no need for that.

If you love each other, you're in love, and you go where you want to go. If you can manage it, fine; if you can't, that's okay too," the servant of God said at the time.

So is it a shock that ladies have started hitting on him so boldly?

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