Gov Kawira Mwangaza praises hubby on his birthday with cute pet names

'You are the reason why my life is full of laughter and joy,' she said

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• The Governor has penned a cute message to him.

meru governor wishes husband happy birthday
meru governor wishes husband happy birthday

Meru County First Man Murega Baichu is celebrating his birthday. His wife Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza has taken to her Facebook page to lavish praise on him, calling him her King and apostle, among other cute names.

"You are the reason why my life is full of laughter and joy. You are the man that has made my life the joyful scenario that it is. I look forward to spending more years of love with you. Happy birthday my love, Medicine, Handsome, wisdom, king, Highest quality, Romeo Integrity, Power, Ambassador, APOSTLE, sweetheart, ❤️, property, Commander of Ameru Airwaves, Best, Guitar 🎸 ❤️ Man, H.E Murega Baichu Himselfu. Love you.1st MAN 012."

Here's why she calls him all those pet names especially those referring to his music prowess.

Back when she was actively campaigning to win the Meru County Chief seat, Kawira told that her husband's music has been their binding factor since their dating days. His music also soothes' her mind.

“My husband’s guitar is magical and amazing he always carried it and played it to the people in every rally and meeting. People loved to watch and listen to the music he played praising me and the people of Meru. I can say 50 percent of my win was contributed by the instrument and I cannot forget him he has always been beside me years back even when we had nothing,” Kawira said at the height of campaigns.

The politician also disclosed that the guitar kept their relationship flourishing during their dating days and after marriage.

Kawira attributed fifty percent of her win to a “ magical guitar” played by her musician husband in campaign rallies.

The two were in the spotlight most of 2022 over her handing him roles in her county. In September 2022, she unveiled her cabinet and the First Gentleman landed the role of youth Patron and Hustlers Ambassador.

She announced that he would not be earning a salary. She earned criticism for making the county a family affair.

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