KRG throws shade at Anerlisa for alleging serious men shouldn't be on social media

Anerlisa says serious men should be out there making money.

• Krg The Don says he is on social media and has no apologies for it.

• Anerlisa advised women to stay away from men who are always on social media.

Krg has blasted Anerlisa for saying serious men can't be found on social media.
KRG the Don Krg has blasted Anerlisa for saying serious men can't be found on social media.
Image: Instagram

Musician and businessman KRG has told off Anerlisa Muigai after she alleged serious men cannot be found on social media.

Don now says that he is on social media and that doesn't mean he is poor or idle.

”The boys you are attracted to can’t even impregnate you ndio hawayuko serious.”

He continued to admonish Anerlisa that she should have re-phrased her statement;

”Ungesema u prefer men who ain’t on social media. Sisi tuko serious hadi tuko na watoto na tuko social media 24/7."

According to Anerlisa, no serious man who is on social media all the time.

She said focused men are not on social media and in case they are, they are inactive.

"A serious man will not have Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat all at the same time. The most serious and focused men are not on social media and if they are, they are very inactive... At least a bigger %."

Anerlisa also talked about dating broke men saying that she has learnt her lesson.

She offered free advice to Kenyan women to avoid such men.

Taking to her Instagram, she shared a video of a man detailing how if he were a woman he too would avoid broke men.

He is heard saying;

"I am not a woman, but if I was a woman I'm not opening my door, Im not paying at a restaurant, Im not choosing where to go eat, Im not making the plans for the evening. I'm not a woman but I would demand that I be treated like a queen," ends the video of the man.

Anerlisa wholly agreed with him summarizing what he meant. "In short, date a respectful, and wealthy man".

She added her thoughts to his opinion, "If you are a man and have no money STFU about offering love. No woman wants to deal with a broke guy. Love only will never put food on the table."

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