Samidoh - Simps will always see dust

• He says there is no need of hanging around someone who has turned down your advances.

Image: Instagram

Mugithi artist Samidoh has become a motivational speaker and we are here for it.

In one of his social media posts, he was seen sharing advice he gave to a 'friend' who was curious why men don't talk to a woman who has turned down his advances.

According to Samidoh, simps never have the last laugh,

(A simp is typically used to describe a person, often a man, who is perceived as overly submissive or accommodating to someone they are romantically interested in, often to the point of sacrificing their dignity or self-respect.

"Kuna mrembo ameniuliza, 'Why do men stop talking to a lady after she says no to dating.'"

How did he respond?

"Nimemjibu " Is there a point in hanging around a company premises after a failed interview?". Waste no extra energy akisema no. Remember simps will always see dust."

In another post he advised,

"Marriage is understanding that your wife already said sorry to you in her head, if you didn't hear it, that's your problem."

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