#TheRoundUp: Vera bashed by Kenyans, Omosh depressed & broke, Njugush robbed in CBD & other stories

Content Creator Njugush has revealed a harrowing experience after he was robbed in the CBD last

Piece by: Dennis Milimo

• Siaya Governor James Orengo’s daughter Lavender weds in private affair.

• Mwendo Mailu, a fake GSU Officer who was caught on Camera alleging to have funded YouTuber Mungai Eve arrested.

They all feature on our weekly segment #TheRoundUp
Njugush, Tems, Vera Sidika, Omosh and Amber Ray with Rapudo. They all feature on our weekly segment #TheRoundUp
Image: Instagram

After a week that has been dominated with news around Vera Sidika's fake surgery and arrest of fake GSU officer in Eve Mungai's saga #TheRoundUp is here to once again give a highlight of the top trending stories in the Entertainment world.

So, lest get to the business of the day;

Orengo’s daughter weds in private affair

Siaya Governor James Orengo and his wife Betty Kaari Murungi are proud parents after their daughter wedded her lover in a private wedding ceremony in Karen, Nairobi.

A photo seen by this writer shows Orengo and his wife walking their daughter down the aisle ready to hand her over to her lover.

Lavender Orengo wedded her fiancé only identified as Albert. 

Traditionally, fathers walk daughters down the aisle. Once the pair reach the altar, she's then presented to her partner to be wed.

The Invited only wedding ceremony was graced by ODM Party leader Raila Odinga, Rarieda MP Otiende Amollo, Gem MP Elisha Odhiambo, and Alego Usonga MP Samuel Atandi among others.

"#Weddingtime; A Good Wedding Of Albert & Lavender At Karen, Thanks Gov ORENGO For Everything; Thanks Rt Hon RAILA ODINGA For Gracing; Thank You All Who Attended," Amollo twweeted while sharing photos from the wedding.

Orengo and his wife Betty have 7 children together – three boys and four girls (Michael, Bob, Steven, Zeni, Josephine, Lavender and Lynette Orengo).

Vera bashed after releasing music video

After a couple of days recounting undergoing surgery to remove her implants, Vera Sidika has released a music video.

The video is for a song, but she had used it to deceive Kenyans that she was going to show how her BBL removal surgery went.


Vera disabled the comment section of the post on Instagram perhaps fearing the repercussions of her lying.

Kenyans are upset and went to the comment section of the YouTube video to report it as scam.

'GSU officer' arrested for defaming Mungai Eve

Mwendo Mailu, a fake GSU Officer who was caught on Camera alleging to have funded YouTuber Mungai Eve has been arrested.

He is being detained at Kileleshwa Police Station.

Speaking about the issue Mungai Eve's advocate says some companies have been threatening to discontinue working with Mungai over the viral video.

He has been arrested and i to be charged with defaming Mungai Eve.
Mwendo Mailu. He has been arrested and i to be charged with defaming Mungai Eve.

"The video has serious untruth and defamatory statements.

"My client has made her brand through hard work and she feels whoever wants to jeopardize that must face the law.

Adding that; "The accused is facing charges of impersonating a police officer, defamation He has no record of the things he has accused my client of. "

The advocate says despite offering an 'apology' the damage had already been done due to how viral the video went.

"We have confiscated his equipment they will undergo forensic tests as he awaits his appeal on Monday."

The fake officer is to be charged with defaming the YouTuber.

Blessed Njugush robbed in the CBD

Content Creator Njugush has revealed a harrowing experience after he was robbed in the CBD last night (October 6, 2022).

The drama started after he spotted a woman who looked like he wanted help.

Taking to his socials he narrated;

"So niko tao after kutoka job around 12:00 am. I'm headed home along the University way, mbele naona a middle aged woman limping and I slow down.

"She smells of alcohol but I guess ni stress so I teremsha kioo kidogo, she says she has kids who have not eaten for days."

Njugush said that within no time, two men approached him and demanded he opens the car doors.

"This whole time nazungushwa jiji trying to piga hazard no one seems to see. At the same time na cooperate kama creameries.

"They transfer pesa and they have the phone. They exit. They told me where to stop and the 2 jamaaas alighted first.

"Mrembo as she tried to alight I saw the phone on her right hand, the engine was running I tried grabbing my phone from her pone from her hand and it fell hapo chini back left.

"I knew that was my que to speed as the guys walikuwa wameanza kurudi. And off I left with the doors jar straight to Central Police Station,".

Jalang’o : It’s over for us, we’ve lost everything

Phelix Odiwuor, also known as Jalang'o, a Lang'ata MP, has lamented the state Azimio la Umoja Coalition party's loss of majority leadership in the National Assembly.

Jalang'o on Friday laid the blame on party members who ditched the camp for the loss saying it's over for the Raila Odinga-led caravan after speaker Moses Wetang'ula ruled that rivals Kenya Kwanza were the majority side. 

"It is these 14 people who changed everything for us. Right now, Azimio would have been the majority buana! Its over for us,” he said.

On Thursday, Wetang'ula ruled that the Kenya Kwanza Coalition is the majority party in the House and explained that no member of the 13th Parliament was elected under the Azimio banner. 

"The Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition political party nominated members under the names of its constituent parties," Wetangula said.

Zari reveals how she makes her millions

Businesswoman Zari Hassan has been on the trends talking about scammers who have been using her name to con unsuspecting fans. 

Zari warned netizens not to pay attention to people using her profile to scam them online.

The boss lady took it to her Instagram post and said she's tired of sounding repetitive for years now.

turns 42 in style.
Zari Hassan turns 42 in style.
Image: Instagram

"SCAM ALERT I'm tired, like seriously how many times should I say this," she started.

The mother of five-pointed out forex trading - affirmation that she has never invested in that sector.

"I don’t trade, I don’t do Forex, and I don’t deal in diamonds or gold. Neither do I sell products on the marketplace. Be robbed at your own risk," noted Zari

She clearly outlined her source of reputable wealth and her major investments seemed to be in education sector.

"I own colleges across South Africa," she stated.

The reality TV star also earns a living from being endorsed by multiple brands as their brand ambassador, doing TV shows and club appearances.

Why Tems cancelled her Kenyan concert

Organizers of singer Tems much anticipate Kenyan Concert have explained why the act back out despite being paid in advance.

In a statement, Tukutane Festival organizers said the songstress felt uncomfortable performing in Kenya.

“Sadly Tems has canceled her show in Nairobi on October 15th due to circumstances unexpected to us.

"As of three days ago, all was going according to schedule and plan. We paid for Tems in full 15 days before the performance date and to our surprise as soon as the payment was made, her manager mentioned that she is no longer comfortable coming to Kenya and just does not want to perform for her Kenyan fans. We were shaken, heartbroken, and financially wounded," 

The organizers of the said event have promised to reschedule the October 15th Festival. They also assured their fans that they will be refunded their money.

“We greatly do apologize for any inconvenience caused and we are looking to reschedule the Tukutane festival to later a date which will be announced in the coming days.

 Tems detailed that she will not be performing at Tukutane Festival due to circumstances beyond her control.

“Hey, Kenya 🇰🇪. Honestly, it’s quite heartbreaking to say this but I will not be able to perform at the Tukutane Festival due to circumstances beyond my control," Tems said in part.

I smoked weed - Maina Kageni

Maina Kageni got candid with Kamene Goro in an exclusive interview about little known details of his life.

The interview goes down on Saturday October 8th on Kiss TV...In snippets heard by Kiss Fm, Maina tells Kamene about his life abroad.

"I smoked weed, broke into my neighbors car, drove to west end, parked on a double yellow line," he admitted.

And that wasn't all, he also confessed to being able to drink a whole bottle of whisky by himself!

"I would take one boti of Brandy bottoms up," he told a fascinated Kamene.

Maina lived in the UK, where he had gone to study, but never did. He never studied and back in June this year boldly declared in a Mpasho interview that he had no degree.

Maina would then drop out to become a truck driver to support himself because his parents didn't know.

“I have no degree so I cannot even look for that job (Governor). You cannot go and bring a degree form just anywhere and present it. You cannot buy papers you will be found out at some point.”   

His mother Wangui discovered his dirty little secret after a year. Her reaction?

Otile Brown celebrates Ex-Nabayet

Singer Otile Brown is celebrating his Ethiopian ex-girlfriend Nabayet upon turning a year older.

Through his Instagram, Otile shared a beautiful photo of his ex-lover wishing her a happy birthday.

Otile went ahead to describe Nabayet as the most beautiful soul he has ever met as he wished her long life full of happiness.

Otile Brown describes his ex as the most beautiful woman he knows
Otile Brown describes his ex as the most beautiful woman he knows
Image: courtesy

"Happiest birthday to the most beautiful and amazing soul I know @nabbi__ more life wins, and happiness," he wrote.

Before Nabayet, Otile Brown dated Vera Sidika.

A few months ago, Otile Brown said he is single and not searching. 

He said his biggest challenge while wanting to date is knowing whether a woman is genuine or not.

Otile advised other people in the industry to find love when they are still struggling.

"I am single, I am taking my time. It's hard for me to date because I don't know if people are sincere or not. I pray to God to give me the one."

Otile broke up with Nabayet in 2021.

Omosh depressed after everything is gone

Former Tahidi High actor Joseph Kinuthia alias Omosh has told Mpasho.co.ke that he is not doing well.

Speaking in a recent interview on Thursday, Omosh described his current situation as depressing.

"I am just going through a lot, I don't know if it is depression or what is happening in my life," he said.

During the interview, Omosh said he was somewhere trying to figure out how he would get home after a friend invited him for a job and refused to pay him.

"Like right now, I am just wondering how I will get to my house in Kayole. I had been called for some jobs but it did not work, so I am stranded."

Omosh also hinted that he is no longer living with his family.

"I have lost everything in my life, my wife, and everything is gone," he said.

The last time the comedian appeared in the public was when he was being prayed for at Pastor Kanyari's church a few months ago.

The comedian who was gifted a three-bedroomed house said he had not moved to the place since his children are in school and there are no schools around.

The house - located in Malaa - was handed to Omosh in June 2021 after he came out claiming he was almost being evicted over rent arrears.

The comedian has been on the chopping board since another video of him asking Kenyans for help went viral.

Victor Wanyama's career at Montreal to end in December

Harambee Stars player, Victor Wanyama, has revealed that he will be leaving his Canadian club, CF Montreal this season.

However, the Kenyan player, who also doubles up as the captain for CF Montreal disclosed that he has had a great time at CF Montreal.

His contract will expire in December.

Wanyama made his debut for the Kenyan national team in May 2007, aged just 15 in a friendly match against Nigeria.

Njugush explains why he wants to retire at 45

Kenyan comedian Timothy Kimani aka Njugush has explained why he started building his home when he was in his 20s.

Speaking during an interview with his wife Celestine Dinda, the father of two shared;

"When I was growing up I saw my dad buying land all over. By the time I was left home to leave alone, I was not used to paying rent.

It would pain me to pay 13,500 as rent which is why I decided to start building early. The good thing about investing in land is that it appreciates."

Njugush said he was inspired to build his home early as comedy does not have a long shelf life.

"Paying rent was very foreign to me.

"The things we do (comedy) are not long-lasting, it is not like law or doctors. For comedians, the longer you stay the more irrelevant you become."

Celestine says even when they met Njugush was already looking at the future.

"I had an uncle who was doing well off.

He was OK until he got sick, and from that, I learned that I would never want the case to be the same for me and my wife. That is why I keep saying I prepare myself so that If I were to leave today my family would be OK," Njugush plans to retire by 45.

Rapudo and Amber Ray back together

The puzzle is finally solved. Socialite Amber Ray is still together with her lover Kennedy Rapudo.

This comes after the two shared videos on their Insta-stories, having a good time in Lamu.

The mother-to-one wrote, "First time in Lamu and I already love it...I love Kenya."

Kennedy who shared their photo didn't have much to say but Chris Brown's song, Warm Embrace, did the talking and told us all we needed to know.

Yesterday the social media influencer received a bouquet of flowers while she was at work. She captioned the video, "When he knows how to brighten your day at work." 

She later posted a photo holding the bouquet in what was alleged to be Rapudo's car, and Amber noted, she was ready to get a child with 'her man' if he continued with the same treatment.

“When He matches the flowers with your outfit 🥰🤗 …Huyu akiendelea hivi nitamzalia 🤣🙆🏻‍♀️ #amberthebrand. Siri …. play for me 1000 stems by Him😅🥰❤️. #amberthebrand.’

Almost immediately, Rapudo also put up insta-stories that suggest that he is the one spoiling Amber Ray.

“In the end, I will always come running back to you, not because I am weak, but because I fell in love with you.

“Acting all hard, that’s for homies that’s lonely,” read a post from Rapudo.

Kenyans react after Ladasha told Dj Mo he is smelly

Celebrity child Ladasha Wambo, firstborn daughter to Dj Mo and Size 8, has left Kenyans in stitches after she told her dad to shower as he was super smelly.

The celebrated disk jockey gave the impression he was returning home after his daily errands, and when he asked Ladasha to hug him, she retreated.

"You are smelly, you need to go shower," the little girl said, with no apologies to make.

"Are you saying daddy is smelling?" Dj Mo asked as Ladasha nodded her head in agreement, "because you are sweating," she added.

"Come I carry you," Dj Mo was not about to withdraw.

"No!" Ladasha firmly said, "You are super smelly, and you need to shower," she repeated just for clarity's sake.

In a mission to console himself, Dj Mo took it to his Instagram platform to write,

"Yaaani ata sinuki kitu 😂😂😂😂...Natoka hustle to make sure she lives the life and then Ladasha Wambo, has the audacity 😂😂...Thank you babe for recording I will remind her one day. Do you go through such with your kids as well?? 😂"

Museveni promotes his son General Muhoozi

Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni has promoted his son Muhoozi Kainerugaba to the rank of a general.

According to local media houses, Muhoozi was dropped and replaced by Kayanja Muhanga as the Uganda land forces commander.

Before his appointment, Muhanga was promoted to Lieutenant General and subsequently appointed land forces commander.

However, the Army spokesperson said he is yet to receive the communication.

An earlier tweet by Muhoozi said that he had had a discussion with his father following the row caused by his eruptive tweets, and that an announcement on changes would be made later.

"Had a good discussion with my great father this morning. Apparently, my tweets scared Kenyans too much?

He will announce the changes. There is a special prayer I shall make for our army," he said.

Andrew Kibe dares Bien to ditch Sauti Sol

Shortly a week after Sauti Sol's Bien and comedian Eric Omondi had another ugly online feud, former radio presenter Andrew Kibe has come online to share his two cents on the drama.

In a video that he shared on his YouTube channel, Kibe seemed to some degree to agree with Eric's remarks.

" If you noticed he was attacking and defending at the same time.... like he told him, you, you have the secret to success which means Bien is successful. Which he is, " Kibe started off.

Kibe told Bien Sauti Sol members were dragging him down
Andrew Kibe (left) next to Bien on the right Kibe told Bien Sauti Sol members were dragging him down
Image: Courtesy

He then matter of fact went on to add, " Bien is the most successful Sauti Sol. Without Bien there is no Sauti Sol, it is no lie when you think Sauti Sol you think Bien first then you start to wonder who else there is."

Kibe emphasized ( just as Eric had said) that Bien not only knows how to make hits but also how to be/ stay relevant.

Speaking with his friend who was in the ride along with him Kibe added," if Bien had any brains he would be the biggest artist that we have in Africa but he doesn't. Now he needs to do what is best for Sauti Sol... just leave."

" It is the hesitation of the potential that he sees in himself and does not want to be blamed for the disintegration of Sauti Sol at this point by out shinning them at this initial stage. He knows in himself that he has it but he is looking for a soft landing," Kibe's unidentified friend said.

A point which the controversial content creator seemed to agree with.

The Obinnaz awarded with YouTube award

Comedian Oga Obinna and his children have been awarded the prestigious  prestigious YouTube Silver Play Button creators award.

The Obinnaz received the award after their YouTube channel surpassed the 100,000 subscribers mark on the streaming platform.

They shared the news online with a confection that they are happy about the milestone. They went on to promise their fans more exciting videos on the channel.

"So this happened and my personal broke besties,@theobinnaz, were more excited than the owner. New episode of them unboxing it out on YouTube," Obinna shared.

The Play Button is a testament to the hard work and dedication that a creator has shown in developing their channel.

Channels with 10,000 subscribers or less get benefit levels such as graphite, while Opal and bronze are given to those who hit or surpass 1, 000 subscribers and 10,000 subscribers respectively

Among the celebrities who have won the award are the likes of Otile Brown, Desagu, Nadia Mukami, and Mwalimu Churchill

Kamene Goro clears the air on alleged secret wedding

Celebrated media personality and Kiss 100 Presenter Kamene Goro has sought to clarify that she is not yet married.

Last week, wedding reports went viral on social media, alleging that the radio host had tied the knot in a highly guarded ceremony but it turns out that is not true.

The deejay has defended his relationship with the Kiss FM host
Deejay Bonez with Kamene Goro together. The deejay has defended his relationship with the Kiss FM host
Image: Instagram

The Breakfast show host clarified that she was an MC at a friend's wedding. 

“It's good news, fantastic news lakini I just want to set the record straight that I'm not married just yet, maybe I will be next year," Kamene said.

She went on to reveal that she is officially engaged. 

"There was no secret wedding, it was a friend’s wedding that I was going to be an MC. However, the good news is I got engaged and it's important to be able to share the great staffs that are happening in our lives," Kamene Goro explained.

The wedding reports were fueled by a series of posts she put up while in the company of her lover and business partner DJ Bonez.

Ms. Goro's explanation comes days after she was spotted rocking a new ring that fueled the wedding vibe.

On the other hand, Dj Bonez cautioned Kenyans against rumor-mongering and cyberbullying him over his life decisions.

Nameless & Wahu reveal gender of their unborn baby

Kenyan power couple David Mathenge aka Nameless and Wahu Kagwi have announced to the world that they will soon welcome a bouncing baby girl into their family.

An excited Nameless shared the good news via his social media, which has a following of over 1.5 million followers.

The revelation shared by Nameless was captured and an exquisite baby shower was put together for Wahu by her close friends and family.

"BabaGalz Chairman honored, excited, and ready for Duty! 💜💜😍💯😊😊," Nameless captioned his video.

Wahu's surprise baby shower was graced by their close friends among them Bien-Aime Baraza, Chiki Kuruka, and others.

Last week, Nameless, together with his wife Wahu, said they already knew the gender of their third child – but were not ready to share it with the world.

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