• Nandy's hubby Billnass surprises their housegirl with 190K phone.

• I have turned down 6 radio job offers – Jalang’o opens up

who feature on our weekly #TheRoundUp Segment
Njugush, Wakavinye, Paula, Zari Hassan and Jalang'o who feature on our weekly #TheRoundUp Segment
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After a week that has been dominated with the news of the 5th President of Kenya Dr. William Ruto and his deputy Rigathi Gachagua #TheRoundUp is here to once again summarize your weekend with top trending entertainment stories.

So, let's get to the business of the day;

Why Nyashinski creates music when the lights are off

Celebrated music producer Cedric Kadenyi, alias Cedo explained the logic behind Nyashinski creating music when the lights are off.

Speaking during an interview with Mpasho's Dennis Milimo, Cedo shared;

"Nyashinski must create the right physical and mental environment for him to be able to create good music.

He loves when the environment is in a certain way. If we are in a place where the lighting is too much we must set it to what he wants.

He hardly records in the studio, he prefers recording in an inspiring environment. We switch off the lights to create the right mood."

Cedo says working with different artists on this album has been inspiring and humbling.

"I will no longer be producing music for other people. Everyone working with me will have to include me in a collabo."

He is currently trending with his album Ceduction.

The album features artists like Trio Mio;"

Has he ever considered opening a music school?

"I have but It needs you to understand the curriculum and one has to be available to their students.

Right now we are creating platforms where young people can learn the basics of music without necessarily going to class."

Cedo studied law but he decided to pursue his passion for music.

NTV raids KTN again, makes away with their top news anchor

Standard Group-owned TV station KTN has suffered yet another loss after NTV raided their newsroom, making away with their top news anchor.

NTV who have been on a mission to revamp their news desk poached Brian George from KTN.

The journalist switched sides silently until recently when he disclosed that he had found a new home at NTV.

According to George, he joined NTV on August 15 but opted to keep the news private for some time. 

"Ooops🤭! Sorry, I forgot to mention🤦🏽‍♂️. It's been exactly a month now since 15th Aug when I started a new job as a broadcast journalist at NTV's Nation Media Group, after my last stint at KTN on 4th Aug. Here's to being intentional. NTV is the way 😀," George announced. 

Brian parted ways with Standard Group on August 4, 2022. At KTN he used to anchor the English and business bulletin.

"It is my last day at Standard Group as a News Anchor and Business Reporter for exactly 3 years. Truly grateful to management, colleagues, and you the consumer of our content (viewer, reader, listener) for the support. Mungu ni wetu sote, Tena anatupenda sote," he wrote in his exit message. 

At NTV he joined his former KTN colleagues who were poached to join the station a few months ago. Among them, are Nicholas Wambua, Frida Mwaka, Lofty Matambo, Brian Obuya, Ben Kitili, and his former boss Joe Ageyo who joined Citizen TV before landing at NTV as the new Editorial Director in charge of Broadcast.

Mulamwah calls out baby mama Sonie

Comedian David Oyando aka Mulamwah is once again firing salvos at his baby mama Caroline Muthoni aka Sonie as their daughter Keilah Oyando turns one.

In a belated-birthday message, the comedian pleaded with Sonie to make co-parenting so that their daughter can be accorded the required parental love.

In his message, Mulamwah said Sonie has been using their daughter against him something he doesn’t endorse.

The funnyman accused his baby mama of pretending to be happy on social media yet behind closed doors things are different.

 “HBD rainbow baby kalamwah ♥️. Baraka tele. To many more years of growth & good health. We will one day meet and talk once you have a brain of your own. Asante lakini mama k kwa kumlea vizuri , just make it easier to co-parent akae fiti - let’s not have happy pictures online with sad realities.

“Don’t use the kid as bait for social media likes, validation and monetary gains. Mtoi sio job. hbd queen, Tunakungoja kitale Bado 👌. Your lil Siz says hi too 😘. HBD kalamwah Keilah oyando . Blessings,” Mulamwah lamented while wishing his baby a happy birthday.

John-Allan Namu celebrates his wife in Style

Celebrated media personality John-Allan Namu penned a sweet message to his wife Sheena Makena as they celebrate 12 years in marriage.

Namu used his social media pages to walk his fans and followers down memory lane to the day he tied the knot with Sheena and how their love life has unfolded.

The TV personality expressed gratitude to his wife for being a good mother to their four children.

“Twelve years married today! Thank you for standing by my side from our first dance ( to this song!) to our first grey hairs. From our first child to our fourth,”.

Adding that; “For every day that you have loved me, even when you can't stand me. You are the heart of our home, a brilliant human being. So smart, so fierce, and a genuinely good person. I'm not lucky to have you. I am blessed ( even stole your quote to prove it). I love you @smakngondi #Mossad 🥰,”

The two are celebrating 12 years in marriage
John-Allan Namu and his Wife Makena. The two are celebrating 12 years in marriage

Despite being in the limelight, the African Uncensored founder John-Allan Namu has managed to keep his private life under the carpet.

Nandy's hubby surprises their housegirl with 190K phone

Tanzanian rapper Billnass gifted his housegirl a brand new iPhone Pro max that was released to the market last week.

The brand new iPhone 14 pro max retails between Sh190, 000 to 299, 000 depending on the specs.

The phone gift was delivered to the housegirl by Billnass’s wife Nandy who said the gadget is aimed at their making their communication easy.

Nandy went on to instruct the housegirl that the phone will also be used to take photos of their newborn baby on a need basis.

“Here is a gift for you (a phone) from your in-law (Billnas), it’s an iPhone 14 pro max. It’s brand new and still in its box. He told me to hand it over to you and the main aim is he wants to make video calls to see his child whenever he is outside. When he says you send him photos, you d that on time. Are we together? I will show you how to use it and now you can do away with the phone you had,” Nandy said.

A thankful Nandy also went on to reveal that her hubby had also bought her an iPhone 14 Pro max.

Lupita excites netizens as she jumps into the Sea

Award-winning Hollywood actress Lupita Nyong'o excited netizens after jumping into the sea with her fans while vacationing in Zanzibar.

The actress put up a short video, documenting her stay in Zanzibar where she was seen jumping into the sea from a high point.

The act is a popular sport in Stone Town, Zanzibar. Jump into the ‘sea and swim’ is a famous entertainment sport in Zanzibar.

Young boys normally play, run and jump high into the sea in the mornings and as the sun sets in the evening entertaining their guests.

The sport has so far been nicked named ‘Makachu’ and it attracts hundreds of visitors who visit Stone town.

For years, Makachu has been used to promote Zanzibar’s domestic and international tourism.

The sport is also recognized by the Zanzibar government under President Dr. Hussein Ali Mwinyi.

Similarities between Kanze Dena and Hussein Mohammed

Former Citizen TV host Hussein Mohammed and his ex-colleague Kanze Dena have been trending for days.

This was after Kenyans suggested Hussein's name to President William Ruto asking him to appoint him as State House Spokes Person.

Below are similarities between this two.

1. They both worked at Citizen TV

Kanze resigned in 2018 to start her job at State House. In 2019, Hussein Mohamed quit his job as a prime-time news anchor on Citizen TV. 

2. They have both studied journalism

Kanze studied journalism at  Foundation College of Professional Studies. Hussein studied the same course at Zetech University.

3. They have both interview prominent people

3. They have both interview prominent people

4. They were both interns with famous media houses

Kanze interned with KBC while Hussein interned with KTN.

Hussein was President William Ruto's Head of Communications during his campaigns

Many have hailed him for being a force to reckon with in helping accelerate Ruto's win. 

She has praised him for being her peace.
Zari hassan and Shakib She has praised him for being her peace.
Image: Instagram

Zari credits her young lover for her glow

Businesswoman Zari Hassan praised her boyfriend Shakib Lutaaya  terming him as her peace.

In a new TikTok video, the mother of five confessed that she is currently glowing in her relationship and all thanks to Lutaaya.

In the video, the socialite pokes fun at detractors and revels in the calmness that has caused her to put on weight, which she credits to her romance with Lutaaya

"I'm starting to grow big. I see the cheek. I have given myself a lot of peace. Mr. Lutaaya you're giving me a lot of peace, because, people, let me tell you about peace of mind, let me tell you about peace of mind, that one, no matter what you do, you grow big, even when you are not eating,” Zari confessed.

Adding that;

"Mr. Lutaaya whatever you are doing, add more. Add me another dose, whatever you are doing because they are working, they are working. Even those bewitching are frustrated, they need a refund. I still have my peace, go and ask for a refund."

Since hooking up with Lutaaya, 30, Zari, 41, has vacillated between being aggressive and defensive as backlash grows from people who think her lover is much younger than her and could pass for her son.

I have turned down 6 radio job offers – Jalang’o

Lang’ata Member of Parliament (MP) Jalang’o has turned down 6 job offers that need him back on the radio.

Speaking in a recent interview, Jalas detailed that employers still admire his work ethic and that’s why they always want o associate with him.

The legislator mentioned that his biggest score is hard work and that’s why he will always be of value to any brand that seeks his services.

“It’s like 6 radio stations. When you know what you do and how hard you work and employers know that you are somebody who puts time… you know our generation

"Any time you are given work to do, give it 100 percent, work hard and employers will always love you. There are so many radio stations who would still want me today, to have me back on air because they know 6:00 am every morning I will always be there to start the work," he told Eve Mungai.

The funnyman seems to have mastered the art of pushing himself beyond his limits to pursue his dreams.

Ommy Dimpoz exposes his dead-beat dad

Tanzania-based superstar Ommy Dimpoz called out his dead beta dad for alleging he is being neglected.

The 'Me and You' hit maker was responding to videos doing rounds on social media with his dad tarnishing his name.

Through his Instagram page, Ommy Dimpoz recounted being raised by his mum after his dad neglected him.

According to Ommy, when his mum passed away his dad did not bother to come and pay his respect nor mourn the woman he claimed to love

"I got raised in an environment where I only saw my mum since I was born to when I was all grown up, and by bad luck, she passed on when I was still in primary school.

During that period, I never saw my dad coming to mourn with me or say sorry for a day; he fled his fatherly duties.

But God, in his sovereignty, made someone that got looked down on to be someone worthy."

Ommy opened up being born out of wedlock revealing that his dad has over 15 kids.

The artist continued to express his frustrations with his dad saying he only wants to be associated with him since he is successful.

Nameless and the late Esir
Nameless and the late Esir
Image: Courtesy

Petition to name South C road after late E Sir lodged

Singer Nameless has petitioned for a road to be named after late musician E Sir. Nameless says a road in South C, the hood that E Sir grew up in, be named after him.

The petition is contained on the website Change.org where Nameless petitions Nairobi governor Johson Sakaja to consider the request.

Nameless details how E Sir died back in 2003.

"19 years ago, Kenya lost a national treasure, a progressive musician, Issah Mmari alias E-sir.

The young talented star aged 21 died in a tragic road accident along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway on his way back to Nairobi from a concert on the 16th of March 2003.

The Petition further adds why naming a road or street after E Sir would be a good recognition

Shorn Arwa new slim thick figure will amaze you!

Hilarious content creator, Shorn Arwa has Kenyans online in a tizzy after posting her latest video on her Instagram page.

The chocolate beauty shocked and surprised many of her fans when she put up a video of herself in a black, tight onesie.

But what got netizens going was the thickness of her body, which is unlike the petite frame that many have know her for in the past.

And in classic Shorn Arwa form, she hinted at the questions most would raise in the comments section in her caption and the song that accompanied the post.

The song 'Barnaba' by Sayuni feat. Joel Lwaga (which accompanied the video) is one that whose subject addresses the Lord lifting someone up and people wondering how it happened?

Her cheeky caption read, "Siri ni * siaga njugu , avocado 🥑, banana 🍌, and yogurt pamoja, kunywa mara mbili kwa siku na hips zitamwagika kumwagika.Shida sasa ni tumbo wadau 😭😭."

Vanessa Mdee & Rotimi acquire 3rd Mansion

Tanzanian singer Vanessa Mdee, who resides in Atlanta, and her fiancé Rotimi have bought a house in the US in an effort to secure their future.

Mdee stated in a post that the new mansion was constructed entirely from scratch and is now available for rental.

“This investment life is great ✨ GOD WE GIVE YOU THE GLORY ✨ Another one of our homes, built from the ground up, furnished and ready to make money 💰,” Vanessa Mdee shared.

The singer offered a short video sneak peek of their new home, showcasing its interior while urging those in need to rent it out.

In recent months, Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi have purchased three mansions, including this one.

Vanessa and the actor bought their second Mansion in June. The couple revealed in an update that they are content to grow their empire by acquiring new properties.

The two also shared a little exciting dance to crown the occasion after buying their second house.

Rayvanny confirms breakup with Paula Kajala

Next Level Music President Raymond Shaban Mwakyusa aka Rayvanny has finally confirmed his break up with Paula Kajala, daughter of Bongo Movie actress Frida Kajala.

On Saturday, while performing in Sumbawanga, Vanny Boy used his stage time to let his fans know that he is single.

Vanny Boy has confirmed breakup with Paula
Paula with Rayvanny. Vanny Boy has confirmed breakup with Paula
Image: Instagram

“Don’t allow love to confuse you, don’t liken love to food, I made peace with my heart and ended my relationship with Paula,”.

However, while narrating his struggles with love, the singer took a jibe at his former boss Diamond Platatnumz and his rumored lover and signee Zuchu.

“Mapenzi yanatesa jamani, nilitamani nienda kwa Nandy ila Billnass ashapiga Ndoa… nilitamani nigombane na Simba niende kwa Zuchu,” Rayvanny sang.

The NLM CEO alleged that there is time he wished he could seduce Zuchu just to piss off his boss or wished he could get Nandy but unfortunately she is already taken.

Rayvanny and Paula went public with their relationship on February 14th during Valentine’s Day.

Njugush & Wakavinye welcome baby number 2

Comedian Timothy Kimani stage name Njugush and his wife Celestine ‘Wakavinye’ Ndinda welcomed a newborn baby into their family one month ago.

On Saturday, Wakavinye up post, celebrating one month since welcoming baby Toria into their family.

The couple had kept the news away from the public eye and only their close friends and family knew Celestine had given birth.

“It's now 1 month since we welcomed our newest family member, Baby Toria. Thank you all for your prayers and wishes. Mama boys, Tugi&Toria (inyaa tuvese😍),”

The news of Celestine and Njugush welcoming their bundle of joy excited a section f the fans and celebrities' who gushed over them with lovely comments.

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