• Carey had gotten a tattoo to appreciate her husband Benito.

• The damsel says did not want to mislead young girls who were looking at her as their role model.

She has removed a Tattoo she had gotten of her husband Benito.
Carey Priscillah. She has removed a Tattoo she had gotten of her husband Benito.
Image: Instagram

Akorino make up artist Carey Priscilla has removed a tattoo of her husband's name which was on her back,

Carey is married to Benito.

6 months ago the makeup artist had gotten the tattoo as a way of appreciating her husband.

She now says the tattoo attracted a lot of attention which made her feel bad as people see her as a role model.

"Having his name on my back is something  I wanted to do and I was very happy.

Later it did not go well with me and I couldn't go on even with creating content.

Some girls from my church look up to me and they sent me messages and DM's and saying they could now get tattoos because I had gotten one and I am their role model.

I did it for me but I felt like I was setting a bad example to the young girls."

Carey added

"Some parents were also approaching me saying their kids want to put tattoos because I did and I am their role model.

Removing the tattoo has has been a very tough decision.

I want everything I shoot to be inspiring."

Carey's husband was not pleased with his wife's decision to get rid of the tattoo.

"I am the one who lives and sleeps with you.

Why are you bothered about what outsiders say." Questioned Benito

6 months ago Carey took to her Instagram to post two videos of her tattooing process each with a sweet message dedicated to her lover.

"Surprising my Husband with something that he will always see when he looks from behind. 

Surprising my husband with his name tattooed on my back during our first son's Birthday. I love you, babe! Thank you for buying me my dream car."Priscilla wrote.

The husband was quick to respond to the video and wrote;

"I love you so much my love and this is very sweet inside my heart more cars are coming your way."

The two have been serving couple goals with beautiful photos and videos of their love life.

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