• Tyler and Georgina welcomed their baby girl 4 months ago

• The two revealed that the pregnancy was unplanned but they had been mentally ready to be young parents

The couple got matching tattoos of their daughter's name and feet
Tyler Mbaya and Georgina. The couple got matching tattoos of their daughter's name and feet
Image: Instagram

Georgina Njenga, the partner of Ex Machachari actor Tyler Mbaya popularly known from his childhood role as Baha, has come out to smash netizens spewing hate on their relationship after the two unveiled their matching tattoos of their new baby girl.

During a candid conversation on Thee Pluto's girlfriend's YouTube channel Georgina opened up to Felicity on the mixed reactions they'd received from the online community and how they were handling it.

The new mom emphasized that she was in charge of her life and her business was hers and not anyone else. She urged Kenyans to learn to mind their own business.

"I had tattoos way before, I don't really care what anyone thinks, it's not new to me, even if I got a second born and decided I will tattoo on my other arm it's my business, not anybody's business," Georgina said defiantly.

She went on to add, "It's not about the two of us, but the love we have for our child.

Even if we parted ways, Astra remains to be our child. If I had tattooed his name that would be something else and vice versa is also true, but it's matching tattoos for someone who is mutual even if we were to part ways Astra will remain to be our child."

The two got matching tattoos of their baby's feet and name
Baha with his girlfriend Georgina The two got matching tattoos of their baby's feet and name
Image: Instagram

Georgina also touched on netizens who have been bothering her asking when they were planning on getting a second child while their baby girl was still a toddler.

"Personally, I don't plan on getting another child, and if it happens not any time soon," Georgina revealed.

On what motivated them to get matching tattoos, the content creator revealed that it was something they had planned over time.

She also added that it was something that she had desired since she was younger.

"It's something I had said I would do since I was young, and Tyler and I had planned it since, it was not a one-day decision," She told Felicity.

Below are some reactions from netizens on their matching tattoos:

iamjayhonest: Let’s hope y’all never split cause that’s permanent 😂👏

mrs_celebrity._:😂😂 wahalaaaa teenagers chronicles...

silva_kido: Hii ni level gani ?

nairobi_cremer_: wow that's sounds cool😮🔥🔥🙌🙌

po.lasha__: hizo miguu si ni kubwa sana😂😂😂

shantez_fionah: Sasa mzidi kuzaa tattoo zinaongezeka

__boo.gie_:The pressure is getting... 😭😂😂

georginerael: Kwani hamtazaa watoto wengine 😂

25.zain: Wa pili akija mtaandika Ile side ingine kitambo mfike ten weeh mtakuwa na miguu mingi

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