Fact of fiction: Maverick Aoko playfully addresses common myths about her

• The fiery X user is known for her firebrand opinions on the platform that has earned her thousands of followers.

Maverick Aoko
Image: Instagram

Maverick Aoko is highly popular on X.com, formerly known as Twitter, and consistently stirs up discussions on the platform with her outspoken opinions on various issues.

Her unique use of English often prompts many to turn to Google to decipher her intended meaning.

She rose to fame on Twitter after a Facebook user dared her to share her anti-feminism views there, where they believed she couldn't gain traction.

During a conversation with YouTuber Oga Obinna, Maverick addressed some misconceptions about herself.

He read out her bio, which occasionally amused her as she corrected some details.

Maverick Aoko
Image: Obinna Live

One aspect that particularly amused her was her name. Her bio states her name as "Scofia Aoko Otieno." "How can you butcher my name like that?" she exclaimed.

"My name is 'Scofin'," she declared. "Let me tell you, when the time comes, I'll write my own memoir. Those facts in her bio are theirs."

The Pumwani-born resident is estimated to have a net worth of two million shillings. "Ei, eh weh, heh," she chuckled in disbelief. Her birthday is listed as March 2, 1992.

"Ei," she laughed it off. Her Zodiac sign is inaccurately written as Aries. "I'm a Taurus," she clarified.

Her age is listed as 32, to which she simply responded with an "Ei, okay," without confirming its accuracy.

Her gender is ambiguously labeled as both, causing her to burst into giggles without directly addressing it. She hails from the Luo tribe.

Regarding her education, her bio states she pursued a career in journalism. She confirmed this, adding the name of the college she attended.

"Once a journalist, always a journalist. I went to Kenya Institute of Mass Communication," she affirmed.

Maverick also shared the origin of her moniker. "It means somebody who is unconventional. An iconoclast," she announced.

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