Ringtone - I don't have a GF, but I've planned my wedding

• The musician has taken a decidedly low-profile the past year.

Ringtone Apoko
Image: Instagram

Gospel musician Ringtone Apoko has his perfect wedding all planned out, but there's one thing missing -  a bride.

The Tenda Wema hitmaker told Radio Maisha that he intends to say I do in 2024, although he is not currently dating.

"I am getting married next year. Infact I would like to send a message to the President and the CS that I am the one who sang the song called Talanta,  to quickly complete the construction of Talanta Stadium. That is the venue of my wedding. I need it to be the first wedding held in the stadium."

"Tafadhali waharakishe. Mi napanga mbele, so nataka serikali ili stadium iishe, nifanye harusi."

Ringtone is confident he will meet a fine woman just in time. He was asked if this is a grand dream that will never come to pass.

"Let me tell you, in life, unaanza kutembea safari ndio mungu anaprovide. Kwa imani. Ksama huamini mungu mbona huget hii point?"

He insisted he only needs a short time to recruit a potential bride.

"Mambo ya mungu anapanga. Wacha nifanye plans, mungu will provide. I have invited you. Pilau will be in plenty muziki, hii pressure ya Nairobi mnadate mtu miaka mbili, si muoane! Mnadanganyana two years. I will date for 3 months. Mwezi wa tatu tumefanya harusi. God works in 3's."

"Yani sina mwanamke wa kuoa, si eti sijui ma dame, nawajua, lakini we are talking about a candidate to marry. Ndio sija pata. God will provide," he said about pressure over the matter.

The Mombasa-born singer is also influenced to marry in a stadium by media personality Stephen Letoo. 

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