• Larry has reported about a section of Africans who don't see the queen favourably unlike the majority online.

• His reporting didn't please a certain European who decided to report him to Twitter.

The CNN journalist was reported to Twitter by a German national
Larry Madowo. The CNN journalist was reported to Twitter by a German national
Image: Instagram

Today morning, CNN journalist Larry Madowo shared some disturbing information concerning his popular Twitter page.

Larry shared a screenshot on his Twitter handle showing an message that the online platform had sent him.

In the message, twitter inform the Colombia alumni that someone in Germany had complained about a certain message  he had written on his handle.

"Twitter is required by law to provide notice to users who are reported by people from Germany via the Network Enforcement Act reporting flow," the message begun.

It went on to state that the complainant had reported Larry for his tweet where he reported that not all Africans were eulogising the queen positively.

"Queen Elizabeth was not universally loved in Africa. My CNN live report on colonialism, fairytales and the Africans who refuse to mourn her death."

But the former BBC journalist was the one who would have the last laugh as Twitter saw through the ludicrous complaint and adjudged that he hadn't gone against their rules.

Larry himself concluded by noting that there were people who just didn't like Africans telling their own stories and histories.

Larry's post sparked a debate on what Africans should actually report on. Others felt that it was in bad taste to do such a story when people were mourning the late sovereign.

The topic of free speech was also discussed with some urging Africans to create their own social media platforms. Some of those comments are below;

Suncity aristocrat.@thamuelinene Why don't you just be normal in regular normal times such as this and just console with the regular world in the demise of a very long lasting monarch? You just want to grab the headlines become phenomenal and try to be noticed around the world. But that's what CNN is.

Ngugi Giathi Do we (Africans) have anything to celebrate about the Queen?

Ayanfemi Should our stories then be limited to what it is? Stories of slavery and deprivation. Shouldn't we start telling a different story, a story of how we are moving from nothing to something, from lack to plenty, to failure to success and even from bad governance to good governance.

Emman@ I thought free speech was a thing. Even they as the inventors of education are afraid of the truth.

Richie Ong'anda Free speech is not a thing. Just ask Andrew Tate

Zamokwakhe How Germany is associated with Queen Elizabeth ???92

KING KALALA ◢◤ It's time Africa tech developers think of our own social media platform also914146

Ndianabasi Udonkang We also have to have our distribution channels which include data centers and dependable optic fibre network around Africa. If you launch an African social media platform and still host or depend on Western distribution channels, you are still subject to their laws and biases.

Do you agree with Larry or do you agree with the critics who are saying we should report on s

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