• CNN has been called out several over biased reporting on the African continent 

• Larry Madowo joined CNN in May 2021 after leaving BBC 

during a past bulletin on CNN
Larry Madowo during a past bulletin on CNN
Image: Instagram

Seasoned media personality and CNN news anchor Larry Madowo has excited a section of Kenyans with his reporting on the just concluded 2022 general election.

For the longest time, CNN has been known for biased reporting when covering the African continent but Madowo seemed to be shifting gears from that.

On August 17, 2022, the CNN news anchor shared a short clip reporting from Kisumu County, and Kenyans could not help it but notice the objectivity in his coverage.

Many who commented on the short clip, lauded Madowo for painting a true picture of the situation on the ground and how Kenyans have embraced peace after the presidential results were declared.  

Is there concern that because this process is a bit chaotic again and there is a challenge again that there will be violence? Asked Madowo’s colleague at CNN.

Madowo replied; So far, there have not been any signs of that. Kenyans have been very proud in this 2022 election. It’s been a boring election; they voted and went home to wait for the results.

The awarding-winning journalist went on to salute the people of Kisumu for remaining calm despite being the Azimio La Umoja-One Kenya Coalition Party stronghold.

Even though they had to endure the longest wait for the presidential results, it’s been very peaceful and everyone went around with their businesses. Even though we saw here in Kisumu, the day after Ruto was announced president, we witnessed some people barricading roads but it didn’t go further than that.

During the live coverage, Madowo described Kenya as a Country that should be emulated by other African Countries struggling with democracy.

Kenyans think that they have turned the corner that’s a mature democracy that other African Countries should emulate because this is one of the counties on the continent that will have whether it's Raila or Ruto who will eventually become President, a third democratic transition. There are only a few other countries on the continent like; Ghana and Zambia. There are countries that have had presidents for more than 30 years.

Larry Madowo joined CNN in May 2021 after leaving BBC.

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