New list gives Zuchu last laugh over Harmonize after recent beef

• The two had a back-and-forth on their social media as each threw online blows at the other.

Image: Instagram

Zuchu and Harmonize's feud which ignited when the CEO of Konde Gang record label mocked Zuchu following reports of her breakup with Diamond Platnumz seems like it will not be ending anytime soon.

The spat escalated on social media, with both artists exchanging online jabs.

However, Zuchu appears to have the upper hand now. She shared a list of the most-watched Tanzanian artists in April, with Harmonize coming fourth after Diamond Platnumz, Rayvanny, and her in third place.

Seizing the moment, Zuchu took a dig at Harmonize, writing, "Kistulii, ah," (a playful jab referring to a short person), alongside a screenshot of the list.

Previously, Harmonize had laughed off Zuchu's reported breakup with Diamond Platnumz, prompted by Diamond introducing his ex-girlfriend to fans during a recent show.

Expressing her frustration, Zuchu took to social media, feeling disrespected. She wrote on Instagram stories, "I know I am famous, and it's normal to be talked about, but don't spread falsehoods to praise your boss who owns the radio station, especially when you could get my side of the story to provide balance."

She continued, "This is exactly why I left. I was tired of being disrespected by people close to him, even though he is the one who caused it."

Zuchu further criticised those discussing her departure from Diamond without acknowledging the reasons behind it.

She emphasised the need to address what Diamond did to her, rather than focusing solely on her actions.

She concluded, "Let me leave with my bags, and why don't you tell people what the person who made me leave did to me? If baby mamas come with their attitude, they throw it on Zuchu. Ex-girlfriends I don't even know have to use my name for content...I'm done."

Subsequently, Diamond unfollowed Zuchu on Instagram.

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