MP's wife, Christine of Westwick College recuperating in hospital after successful surgery


• Christine is recuperating at a Nairobi Hospital after successful surgery

Christine speaks on her whereabouts after successful surgery
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The whereabouts of Westwick College Director Christine Muturi has finally been revealed after reports of her alleged arrest surfaced on social media.

In the latest development, verified sources confirm that Christine has been receiving medical care at a Nairobi Hospital since Tuesday following a successful surgical procedure.

However, the hospital, respecting privacy regulations, refrained from disclosing further details about Christine’s ailment.

A statement from her management also confirms Christine’s hospitalization.  

"Our director is recovering well after a successful surgical procedure. We appeal to Netizens and the Kenyan public to honor her privacy as she focuses on her recovery

“No individual should endure the distress of battling for their life in the hospital while facing unjustified criticism fueled by misinformation on social media, the statement from her read in part.

Christine Muturi 

At the same time, the college board of directors pledged to address all the allegations labeled against them through their official/legal channels.

“The board of directors remains committed to its course ad and it wishes one of its directors a swift recovery amidst what appears to be targeted online attacks.

Our director has been subjected to unwarranted cyber harassment, seemingly driven by personal motives against her and the institution, the statement added.

The college under the leadership of Christine Muturi stated that they will focus on their core mandate and will not be distracted.

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