• Larry Madowo says IEBC should consider using technology to count the votes.

• This would not only be effective but time saving as well.

looking dapper in a blue suit
Larry Madowo looking dapper in a blue suit
Image: Instagram

Larry Madowo has slammed IEBC'S Old school method of counting votes.

The method include an officer picking up a vote and putting it up for other to see as they shout out the number of votes while noting them down.

Larry says given we are living at a time where technology has changed, we should use the same to count.

"How are we still counting votes like this in the year of our Lord 2022?

His sentimenst were shared by Kneyans and below are their recatiuon comments

anitanderu: Considering how far we have come as a country where other forms of technology is concerned, this baffles me as well.

savarafrica: 😂😂😂😂😂 hii ni kuchoma .

fantabulousity: Jamani this gave me a migraine 😩

lovetteperry: Am here wondering cant we have this whole process online digital way.

graceykungu: In Greece 🇬🇷 where the ballot papers were printed , they also do manual tallying.

irungu66: How does America count votes in 2022?

nubian_queeeeen:😂😂😂😂 we shall improve in the year of our lady 2027 Sir

auma_tabitha: Nimeachia hapo kwa twelof 😂😂😂😂

Do you agree with Larry Madowo that we should count our votes technologically?

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