Mimbo iko-Crossdresser Kinuthia tells Mungai Eve

Tiktoker Official Kinuthia is facing allegations that he is pregnant

• Kinuthia responded to the claims in a hilarious way

• The cross dressing youtuber has opened up about getting amrried

Kelvin Kinuthia
Tikitok star Kelvin Kinuthia

Official Kinuthia, the cross-dressing TikToker has addressed fans' claims that he is pregnant.

In an interview with Mungai Eve Kinuthia covered a variety of topics on wide-ranging topics like moving houses many times and his mother's desire for him to marry among other things.

Kinuthia has been sharing videos showing his belly, prompting allegations that he is expectant.

"I have been posting a lot of videos and people comment on the comments section especially TikTok asking Kinuthia ako na mimba? Nashangaa surely so I joke around with people like one person asked me if I was pregnant I told him I am pregnant mimba iko," he told Eve.

Kinuthia said that Kenyans are pregnancy-shaming too many celebrities, "I tell people what they want to hear," he said.

Kinuthia told Eve that he has no goal of settling anytime soon and said that the dream of having a family but he is not done having fun yet.

"Mimi family? (shaking head no) what I can say is si saa hii. I don't see it happening no. Maybe when I'm 30 or so. When nimemalizana na maisha."

cross dresser kinuthia pregnant
tiktoker kinuthia smiles at his mum cross dresser kinuthia pregnant

During Kinuthia's 21st birthday celebration, his mother (pictured above) told him she was expecting a daughter-in-law as soon as possible.

Responding to this, Kinuthia said she will need to be understanding and give him time. "Nipige life nikiwa nime beat nioe..."

The TikToker said that is not a step he is ready for, and it's not his goal in life.

"Right now it's time to piga sherehe but I have that dream of having a family, why not?" Kinuthia added.

Kinuthia revealed that he has been online shopping for his gown trying to find what he likes before importing it.

"Natafuta pesa ni import my gown, mtashtuka when you see me wearing a white gown. It's not a normal wedding."

The 21-year-old insisted that despite his mother's wish to see his wedding, he wants to focus on his career and growing it. He assured his mother that the wait will be worth it

"I think she will be okay with it because it's my own decision it's what I have decided so even if ngoja kidogo tuu. Im 21, it's nine years to come."

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