Jalango confident of clinching Langata Mp seat

Jalango thanked voters for turning up

• Jalas spoke to the press about the tallying exercise

• Jalango remains confident of the results

Comedian turned political aspirant Jalango
Image: Instagram

Felix Odiwour has shared his optimism in clinching Langata MP seat.

The first-time politician arrived at the Langata Tally centre to an excited crowd ready to receive him.

The group congratulated him for his successful win, as they fist thumped Jalas.

Dressed in a white sweatshirt and back jeans, Jalang'o walked confidently to the entrance of the tallying centre.

Felix later addressed the press, saying he was confident about clinching the Langata seat.

Jalango is among aspirants vying for the Langata MP seat and reacted to the final tally

Results from the August 9 voting exercise have been streaming in to the National tallying centre at Bomas of Kenya.

Projections are that Jalango will carry the day.

 Jalango thanked voters for turning up

"It's been a long day yesterday (August 9) and it's been a long day today (August 10) and we are definitely in here for a much longer night" He added

Declaring his confidence, Jalango told the press

"Until the declaration is done, until the final tally is done, it is not over until it is done."

Jalas smiled adding

"But so far so good. We want to urge people anytime voting is been called out, general election by election those are things that determine the leadership that we are getting in a community, so we must always come out register and also vote.

We were hoping for a bigger turn out yesterday but it didn't work like that."

Felix blamed this on the little time spent on voter education

"So the number of spoiled votes was also very very high.

So we need better civic education from IEBC, so that people can know what to do , how to do and how to go about it.

The IEBC is the final tally, but it also knows we had a parallel tallying center and we can confidently say that we are on the lead."

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