•Mercy Maluli narrated how Jalango as an influencer helped grow her business. Their first agrement was for free despite his rate card.

Mercy Maluli
Mercy Maluli

Jalango's stylist Mercy Maluli has gushed over the comedian turned politician, revealing how the two ended up doing business together.

Speaking to Lynn Ngugi on the Inspireglobal segment, Mercy told that she never knew Jalango and it's only through friends that she found out he was a major influencer.

Mercy told that at the time of meeting Jalango, she couldn't afford his rate card.

"I was recovering from being broke, a struggling business and closing the shop."

Mery was reorganizing her life after having a child, "Business for me was not doing good, employees were stealing from me, the sales were down and I was bedridden and pregnant, so my business shut down and I was kicked out over rent arrears."

Mercy used up all her savings, and couldn't pay rent. She didn't have maternity leave because she wanted to revive her business.

However, she got the chance to bounce back.

"When I met Jalango, I started becoming interested to check out his page. How he tags people, so I I took his number and told him we will talk when I get the money."

Adding, "So I don't know what happened the following day he called me. We talked about how maybe I will be dressing him. He said, 'Okay. I will see'. That day I looked for him again and got a hold of him, so he agreed, I don't know, how and he said, 'It's okay, I will market for you I will do it'."

Mercy asked Jalango, "For free?"

And he responded affirmatively, "Yes."

Mercy got so excited and added, "I was so shocked. Jalango marketed me for free. I didn't have anything at that time. So I was so happy. People told me good things about him and I was like, 'Oh Jalango is this big?' I felt so good I started to dress him.

He was so busy, that to get him was hard. So eventually I started dropping off the clothes for him. Imagine he did that, he opened doors for me. I didn't trust social media, I didn't know you can make money online. He pushed I started seeing the results and then now I started paying him."

She continued, "You see, I had grown I can manage to pay, why can't I pay him and yet he has promoted my business successfully?"

Mercy also told how excited she was that Jalango believed in her business

"We are more than family actually his wife is one of my two friends. She is a very good girl, she helps me also market, those big billboards I consult her a lot. She is a blessing. So he helped me a lot, I saw the value of social media, I think it was my turning point."

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