Acheni Machungu! Amber Ray shades her exes

Amber Ray has always put her man in the public

• Amber Ray has asked her exes to stop being bitter and move on as she has also moved on.

• Amber wants her exes to move on with their lives

Socialite Amber Ray
Amber Ray Socialite Amber Ray
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Socialite Amber Ray has addressed all the men she has ever dated.

Amber in an interview with Eric Omondi asked her exes to stop being bitter and move on as she has also moved on.

The mother of one said the love they shared was as good as it lasted and therefore they should treasure the memories and stop being bitter.

"I have a few words for my exes. We had a good time together so guys, so just let it be like that. Tuwache mauchungu and all that," she said.

"You can never destroy me with what you think that you have on me. So let us just love what we had and the beautiful memories. That is life and it keeps moving on."

Amber Ray has in the past dated different men whom she always posted on her social media.

Last year, her most publicized relationship was with matatu boss Jamal who she dumped early this year.

Amber Ray even got rid of a tattoo she highly regrets inking on her body.

On her Instagram, she shared a video of the ink removal process, slamming the lover.

During the removal procedure, Amber captioned;

"Well, I don’t regret the love I gave because you probably needed it. F*ck you tho!"

She then moved on with a Sierra Leone man identified as Kabba and the two have since been shading each other after their short relationship.

Well, in a post that seemed to be directed to the ex, Amber alleged she broke up with him since he was broke and not her type.

Amber added that she was going to get an upgrade from him and she would live happily ever after.

"I don’t know who needs to hear this but…The woman who didn't marry you because you were poor or not her type, will most likely find a good nice man who fits her criteria and live happily ever after."

Kabba alleged that she has used Juju on her.

"I'm a free man like Mandela. The juju didn't stay long on me thanks God for helping me." The Sierra Leonean wrote.

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