• Amber Ray was the main reason that Amira and Jimal broke up in the first place.

• Amira was so frustrated with her co-wife that she decided to divorce Jimal.

in a photo collage
Jimal Rohosafi with ex-wives Amira and Amber Ray in a photo collage
Image: Instagram

Amber Ray has now given her thoughts on her ex-husband Jimal Rohosafi begging to get back with his first wife, Amira.

Amber did this on her Instagram page when a fan of hers named Avaskitchen cheekily prodded her with the news by saying,

"Ex wako amerudia bibi. That's what's up."

A nonchalant Amber was however not fazed and responded by saying that people should love each other as time is short.

"Masaa ni machache wacha watu wapendane," read her supportive message for Amira and Jimal.

on Instagram
Amber Rays comment on Instagram
Image: Instagram

Amber's statement shows a certain maturity from the socialite considering the tiff the two were involved in a few weeks ago.

Let's not forget that Amira started the beef when she accused Amber of trying to take pictures with her son, Shamir.

"Can someone tell amber ray next time she comes to Yamin to keep her boundaries? When I was away for the weekend she kept calling my son who was playing in the estate to come take pictures with her," the mother of two began.

That wasn't all, Amira went on to issue a stern warning telling Amber to leave her kids alone altogether!

"Listen don’t mess with my kids, nilikuachia Jamal lakini, when it comes to my kids I’ll go off on you, tutaona damu period," she added.

But Amber wasn't taking that accusation lying down saying that Amira was a desperate attention seeker.

"The way you all desperate for fame really sickens me, Yaani for someone to be relevant in this Kenya lazima you mention my name,Amber said.

She also denied Amira’s allegations, saying she wasn't surprised to see Amira’s son lying about her and that a snake only gives birth after its own kind.

"I am shocked that your kids can lie that much but again they have your blood," Amber added.

Amber Ray also took shots at Jimal saying that he is just a he-goat and can’t stay with one woman.

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