• Amber is known for her curvaceous body that she loves flaunting while dancing in her insta stories

• Amber has talked about getting work done on her tummy but has never talked about her lower body

Socialite Amber Ray aka Faith makau
Amber Ray Socialite Amber Ray aka Faith makau

Controversial socialite turned musician Amber Ray has come out to allude any doubts you all might have been having about her voluminous *ass.

Speaking to Obinna TV, the Kamba vibe said that the secret to her big behind is purely food.

Maintaining that her *ss is real and that she didn't do anything to enhance it, contrary to what people assume.

Obinna asked her, "So if someone wants their *ss to grow they just eat?" 

To which the 30-year-old babe responded, "yeah, with me I eat and it just happens."

When Obinna brought up the allegations that people assume they are pumped/ enhanced Amber maintained that it was all-natural, but she would not let Obinna sample the "product."

"No sikudunga it is just that I can't allow you to touch it but you could feel it is natural," Amber said.

 She attributed her attractive figure to her Kamba genes.

"People will always say a lot of stuff walisema vitu mingi tena sana (they said a lot of stuff) but you just let them be. It is very real what you see is very real and me I don't grow big juu na chini tu, ( I do not grow big around the bust area just around the hips) ukambani things." Amber said proudly.

Earlier on in the year, Amber did reveal to her fans that she was getting work done on her tummy to get a more snatched waist but has never mentioned anything about her lower body.

The social media personality/ musician is known for her controversial takes on relationships and how open she is about her own love life and its drama.

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