• The filmmaker revealed how lacking a father figure had made him really give his mother hell.

• Abel said that looking back he wonders why he was so scared about becoming a dad.

on the campaign poster
Abel Mutua on the campaign poster
Image: Instagram

Abel Mutua was interviewed by Presenter Ali and revealed how his life as a son to a single mum shaped him to become the man he is today. Abel said how his biological dad took off leaving his mother to raise him alone.

"Me growing up I passed through some phases at some point my biological dad left us so a father figure is very important in a family. So when my dad left I became a useless child, I put my mum through so much, and looking back all that misbehaving was because I lacked a father figure.

So I made the decision not to subject my kid to that coz for me God helped me to reform to get back, right now I can't get it wrong with my child it would hurt me a lot if I let my child go through what I went through."

Abel wasn't able to express his feelings and so acted up as any child would do in a situation. He made the commitment to change when he saw how his mother was affected.

"I will have to be there for this girl I want to be among the first people who know whenever anything happens to her. coz if I don't have a relationship with her then I don't know what she is doing out there I don't know who she is interacting with it's very dangerous things start going south you are definitely the last person to know which is very wrong."

Describing fatherhood? He said that it was taking a dog and throwing it in the water, which somehow always finds its way out.

"Fatherhood is like that, ukiingia tuu ni noma you find your footing, and you maneuver. Right now looking back I ask myself what was I scared of, especially now when I meet a man who has left his children ameondokea mtoi for selfish reasons."

He also explained that a child only needed 2 fundamental things for those who think they should abandon their kid.

I feel like telling him a lot. A child can be expensive and also a child can be very reasonable. A child just needs food, mtafutie chakula and nguo tatu that's it. Children don't have a lot of demands, unfortunately, if they are sick that's when it costs but a healthy baby you have no reason to run, imagine maintain tuu."

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