'It was scary!' Abel Mutua talks fatherhood at 23

Film director Abel Mutua became a dad for the first time at 23 years

• Mutua opened up about raising a child so young.

• He credited his upbringing for his resolve to raise a child.

Abel Mutua and wife Judy Nyawira
Abel Mutua kisses wife Abel Mutua and wife Judy Nyawira

Click Bang film director Abel Mutua took up his new role as a dad at the tender age of 23. Abel in an interview with YouTuber Presenter Ali opened up about his initial fear of raising a child considering he was so young.

However, the great thing for Abel was that he was reasonably well prepared.

"So as a father at 23 it's scary, what I tell people is it's a double-edged sword to get a child at 23. Maze na umejipanga yaani uko sawa uko na resources za kulea psychologically uko prepared.

It's the best thing ever coz this child you grow up with them by the time you get to 40 years maze she is almost completing high school unajua huyo ni mtu mzima you can sit down with this child and talk ideas."

Abel Mutua added,

"The problem comes in when you are not sawa, hauko sawa physchologically prepared, resources zinakuchenga then it becomes very tricky because if you start raising a child and (pointing to head) hauko sawa those effects huwaga mtoto anaweza zifeel they become absorbed kwake like that child can tell the moment environment haiko sawa this makes us raise kids again who are not sawa wako na issues kivyao."

He revealed that he had never regretted this decision although it did come with its challenges. 

"So it has its advantages and disadvantages. Advantage kama uko sawa nini ni fiti, juu in terms of resources I was not so badly off it was not a lot of money at that particular time. I had a job so I knew I was generating money."

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