Judy Nyawira
Abel Mutua with his wife Judy Nyawira
Image: Courtesy

A video of comedian Timothy Kimani is popularly known as Njugush together with his wife Celestine Ndinda that's been trending online and has had fans all over swooning over how cute the couple looked.

The video taken during Nyashinski's concert dubbed Shin City showed the couple jamming to the artists' song "Baby" with Njugush adorably hugging his wife throughout as they sang their hearts out. 

However, fans were quick to notice Judy Nyawira, Abel Mutua's wife who was casually standing next to the couple.

Most noted that she looked lonely, a little out of place, and maybe even slightly envious adding to the fact that she wasn't even singing along to the song as with everyone else around.

And on that note,  fans were quick to share their distaste with bwana mkurugenzi for not being with his wife.

Everyone went crazy asking where he was.

n_njerik: if 3rd wheeling was a person it'd be @judynyawira

sirmorris_official: kukosa mtu ni mbaya, angalia huyo dame ako kando ya njugush

rossieey: alafu kuna mpenzi mtazamaji hapo kando

wambomacharia: Mkuru ni nini aliacha bi mkuru ivo manze

soulqyp_kenya: Mtu wangu @abelmutua ako wapi? @judynyawira amekosa mtu w kushika yeye

sultan_isaacke: @abelmutua unaangusha wakurugenzi na vile tumekutii huku nje

willy_nyongesa: Abel manze bro hadi nafeel that loneliness from your wife manze umetuangusha videdli

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