I'm a happy girl, no bad blood' - Mungai Eve declares about her breakup with Director Trevor

• Eve is in Dubai on vacation as she marks her 24th birthday celebrations

Mungai Eve recently turned 24 and chasing her dreams.

The youtuber is in Dubai on vacation as she marks her 24th birthday celebrations. Her pictures have been envy inducing as she shares her adventures.

She spoke to CEO Wycliffe TV, where she admitted she has no hard feelings about her ex.

"Dubai has been amazing, it has always been my dream to come here as I turn 24, meeting up with fans, interacting, the yacht party "

She has so far been there for over a week. She has been manifesting travelling the world, and recalled her growth as a youtuber crediting to hard work, mentorship and God.

"When you follow your passion, you can never get tired. 

The Journalism and Mass Communication student will return to school to finish her degree. 

She dropped her course over prevailing conditions in 2020. Her parents also lacked fees. She began content creation.

"I feel like right now I am in a position to balance, plan my life compared to previously"

She intends to fully return to engaging with Kenyans

"I am at peace in life, I believe I will be able to do great things to myself as an individual, and also to content creation" she explained about her plans.

Mungai Eve
Image: Instagram

On her past relationship and the fall out she said

"Everything happens for a reason. I thank God everyday, I am a very grateful person where I am right now. Not to say that where I was, I wasn't grateful. Just that some things happen in life. I wouldn't want to dwell so much on what happened in the past, but I am a happy girl. "

she told that this means she doesn't have bad blood

"I don't have any bad blood I wish them all the very best It would be so bad for you to have known somebody for so long and then you start having grudges, They were part of my story I would never ever just sit down and start addressing some issues. So I have no bad blood with anyone." she declared.


"Having grudges is too much to handle, I have so much on my plate. My people are looking upt to me, so I'm not the kind of person who would keep grudges."

Is she dating?

"Currently it's not a hard question, but I would say I'm in the best place maybe when the right time comes and I feel like I can share that part of me with the online family, I'm gonna share it. " she firmly stated.

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