To hot to handle! Murugi Munyi back when she was a single mom

Murugi shared though she was a single mom life was good

Piece by: MARY NG'AN'G'A

• Murugi got married to her lover Zach in 2017 March.

• The two are blessed with three kids, namely, Ethan, Mukeni and Mutana.

Murugi Munyi
Murugi Munyi Murugi Munyi
Image: Mercy Mumo

A few hours ago, Murugi Munyi content creator extraordinaire turned business woman, shared a photo of her and her first-born son Ethan, when she was still a single mom.

She had a long post alert as she wrote;

"Murugi as a single mom! I was 23 years old here.. just graduated from the University of Cape Town with my postgraduate degree.

Life was already good here. But if I could turn back time and tell this version of me anything, I would tell her that things get even better.


So so so so much better she meets the love of her life and marries him. She gives birth to two more adorable children.

She becomes an influential personality in Kenya. She starts and runs several successful businesses. And most of all she stays true to herself through it all. I love you young Murugi."

The TMI podcaster is one who doesn't hide when it comes to sharing about her career or her personal life.

If she is on her high, she will let you all know and the same case applies when she is in her low moments. Murugi got married to her lover Zach in 2017 March.

She recalled the day on a different post as she said,

"When Zach married me, he knew he was becoming not just a husband to me, but a father to my little boy.

And what stood out for me even in our early days of dating is that he never once even made me feel like this was a problem.  To him, Ethan was just another blessing that God had brought into his life - a bonus for getting to marry me.

People often ask me what the process was like, introducing Ethan to Zach - if it was difficult. Honestly, it wasn’t at all  We did it shortly after we started dating."

The two are blessed with three kids, namely, Ethan, Mukeni, and Mutana.

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