• The difference between smoking and vaping is that smoking delivers nicotine by burning tobacco, which can cause smoking-related illnesses, and vaping can deliver nicotine by heating a liquid in a much less harmful way.

Kenyan influencer, Murugi Munyi aka Yummy Mummy, is celebrating 3 and a half months since she quit vaping.

Vaping is the inhaling of a vapor created by an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) or other vaping devices

During a Q and A segment, a fan enquired how Yummy Mummy's journey was after she quit smoking.

"How's your vape journey?" posed the fan.

To which Yummy Mummy responded,

"It's been 3.5 months now and I can say that I no longer crave it at all. Once in a while, I get triggered when I am out and see someone's Insta stories. (I've had to unfollow some people cause of it)

But I am proud of myself for seeing this through, we keep pushing."

Asked whether she would go through another cosmetic surgery, Munyi responded 

"100% yes I would not right now but maybe in a couple of years."

Yummy Mummy had earlier disclosed that she had been consuming vapes and her husband would hide the e-cigarettes when he came across them. 

Taking to her socials she penned,

 "I just realized that today marks 2 months since I gave up vaping. I am so incredibly proud of myself. 2 months nicotine free after 1.5 years of what I now realize was a dependency," she wrote. 

The mother of two added that she would get upset when her husband would hide the vape. 

"Yesterday I found a vape in one of Zach's drawers(anytime I would leave my vape unattended, he would steal them and hide them away because he knew it wasn't good for me. (It used to make me so mad but I realize now it was all love).

Anyway I didn't even flinch when I found it. I threw it away immediately."

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