'I 'ate' abortion money,' Murugi Munyi a.k.a Yummy Mummy says

Yummy mummy opens up about "eating" abortion money

 • Yummy mummy says she lied she was pregnant.

• She says she wanted the money to go out that weekend.

aka Yummy Mummy in a past interview
Murugi munyi aka Yummy Mummy in a past interview
Image: Mercy Mumo

YouTuber Murugi Munyi a.k.a Yummy Mummy has revealed that she once used money used for abortion to go party.

Murugi revealed this in her insta story while reacting to responses from Just Ivy's 'What's the most broke thing you have ever done' question.

One user said, "I had unprotected s*x with this guy so I could use the p2 money to retouch my locs, 1st year."

As wild as that sounds, it can't match Munyi's most broke moment who had to lie to her man back then that she was expectant so that he can send money she can use for "sherehe".

"I too have been there. I once lied to a man about being pregnant so I can use the abortion money to go out that weekend," wrote the mother of three. Adding, "sir, if you're reading this, there was no baby but anyway."

Munyi's revelation elicited mixed reactions from netizens especially women with some admitting to being in a similar position while some chose to play the holier-than-though card.

Judy Wambui:  It’s the most natural thing a woman can do

Zaina Shenaz: The reason as to why I love my man❤️❤️ I just tell him exactly what I want to do and he gives me money willingly. I don't need to lie

Terrow Fletcher: Funny how both of them are being judged by many of us here yet imagine they are married. Self-righteousness yako imekufikisha wapi Sarah? Hmm!! So life is funny!

Dee Bella: It is usually sad to do this.If your man can't give u money unless u lie to him then leave him alone

Alicia: Msijifanye yall haven't done this please😂😂😂😢

Lowrraine: From a woman's perspective...Not OK!!!

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