• Yummy Mummy said she will be forced to use sanitary pads like a cave woman.

Content creator Yummy Mummy
Content creator Yummy Mummy
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Content creator Murugi Munyi (Yummy Mummy) has apologized to her female fans after a comment she made on the use of Sanitary pads.

Murugi who underwent a liposuction was speaking about her healing progress where she said she will be forced to use sanitary pads like a cave woman.

"Because I can't really bend, I won't be able to use a cup or tampons. I'm going to have to use pads like a cavewoman. Yuck!"

Well, this did not go well with most of her fans who attacked her saying she was being insensitive.

In another post, Yummy Mummy people twisted her words.

"I have seen people trying to twist my word and get mad cause I said I feel like a cave woman when I use pads. I have not called you a cavewoman. it is a sarcastic expression when you are forced to use something that has evolved.

if you feel triggered by that, maybe you need to explore why me describing my menstrual care experience makes you feel shamed, triggered or upset."

Here are reactions from her first post;

shee_ash_: She doesn't have to describe pads like it's a bad thing. akae akijua Mungu anaeza kosa kufanya apone ....not cool.

ivyqoi: And you hear her saying she is a supporter of women yet she is the same person calling them names.

paulin3kamau: She simply has no idea about toxic shock syndrome, she simply doesn’t know that pads are recommended when the flow is light because a tampon will always suck and when there is little or no blood the tampon sucks vaginal fluids which interferes with the flora and fauna of the Kanyau. What a waste!

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