• Sauti Sol's Bien reveals he has opened up a new club along Mombasa road.

 • Word on the street is that Bien joined hands with a number of his friends and opened the new joint. 

Bien Barasa
Image: Instagram

Imagine your name being Bien Aime a super talented musician and you just decide to open your own club because you are tired of being paid to go and hang out in clubs.

Yes, that is what the Sauti Sol lead singer superstar did! He is a proud of owner of  'The Manhattan Ke bar and grill', a new club located along Mombasa road, on the first floor of Imaara Mall, Imara Daima Estate.

Word on the street is that Bien joined hands with a number of his friends and opened the new joint.

Speaking to Spmbuzz, Bien said he realized that he never goes out more often as he should and whenever that happens, it is when club owners pay him for appearances.

"Nilikuwa tu na try ku create environment yenye pia mimi naweza have fun (I was trying to create an environment which even I can have fun) I realized in my life, I don't go out more often," Bien said.

Adding, "Because I realized I get paid whenever I go out and it made my relationships with clubs more transactional and that is when I made a vow to build my own spot where I can feel good and have people have fun with me."

He says as a huge fan of socializing and he finds himself in his club a lot and not only on weekends.

During the interview, Bien revealed that he is releasing a new project on Friday the 29th dubbed 'Inauma'. But what is his creative process like?

"I prefer going to the forests, to the wilderness somewhere with no network coverage somewhere with little interruptions to help me create."

Asked about venues he dreams of performing Bien named three places including; Bukhungu stadium in Kakamega, Coachella festival and at the Glastonbury festival.

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