It wasn't me - Mulamwah tells skeptical fans about Carol Sonnie's latest bae

Comedian Mulamwah's baby mama Carrol Sonnie appears to have moved on

•Carrol showed the arm of a mystery man playing a love song

•Mulamwah has reacted to her new bae

in earlier times
Carrol Sonnie with Mulamwah in earlier times
Image: Instagram

Celebrities love scouting controversy and maybe this is what Mulamwah had in mind in a QnA with fans days after baby mama Carrol showed off her new man.

Mulamwah told fans "Been a while. Wassap. Ask Konki!"

The first question was about the new man that his baby mama Carrol Sonnie showed on Instagram stories four days ago.

The video of his hand got many amused as she played a love song to capture the moment.

So on Thursday night July 7, 2022 the topic of her new bae was brought up "Can I ask you? That hand we saw on your baby mamas story, was it you?"

He said, "Zii. Kijana  bado anatembea miguu."

A fan told him his life is a joke and Mulamwah retorted "Ni kama vindeo ni kama drama  I also don't understand btw"

He also added "focus should be on your goals, you'll not notice the distractions. Just absolute focus"

Mulamwah was asked, "When are you getting married."

And he rudely responded, "The day I will get married."

Sonnie announced their break-up in 2021 saying; “This is to make it clear that Mulamwah and I are no longer together. We both agreed and decided to part ways for reasons best known to us.”

Hours after the separation  message, Mulamwah posted a photo with a lady saying, “To new beginnings. Rely upon the heart. Let the dust settle now.”

Mulamwah would then defend his decision to move on that ‘fast’ saying,

“Don’t be too quick to judge neither me, Carrol nor Ruth for our actions and choices maybe one day it will all unfold open and you’ll get the clear picture of what really transpired, it’s not easy to just step out without solid reasons, we could no longer sacrifice our peace and live in pretense for your happiness.”

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