Mulamwah and Sonie-Where fame is more important than hiding one's shame

Mulamwah and Sonie have repeatedly embarrassed each other over the months

• Mulamwah and Carrol have been at odds since they announced their break-up in late 2021.
• The biggest dispute they have had with each other is whether Keilah is Mulamwah's daughter?

in happier times
Carrol Sonie with Mulamwah in happier times
Image: Instagram

Kenyans can almost predict that at least one week in every month you will get drama from Mulamwah's. It is known...

Like clockwork, Mulamwah shocked and surprised Kenyans this past week when he brashly declared that he wasn't the father of Keilah.

But the comedian did a quick turnaround yesterday when he appeared with Carrol Sonie at a photo shoot that she was doing.

He later on released photos and videos of the visit with the comic now saying that he was the father of Keilah.

The most shocking part of the incident was that Sonie looked like she was on the same page with him!

This despite all the harsh things that Mulamwah has alleged about her. (Huh! Is this normal behaviour?!)

But Sonie would, later on, come out to state that she and Mulamwah were still at odds and that she wanted him to make a public apology to his daughter and her over the things he had alleged.

All that backstory was to get to the gist of my article. What the heck is going on!?

I have tried over the years to logically analyse the relationship drama between Mulamwah and his girlfriend, but I am coming up empty at the moment. Why?

They just don't fit the norm as far as normal relationships go. So as much as I try to rationalise what they do, I can't.

Then it hit me. What we have in Mulamwah and Sonie is a couple (ex-couple) that has been molded in the social media oven. Cursed to live in the ever bright and alluring lights of social media exposure whatever come may.

It is a hydra that values fame, clout, and attention above all else. That means they will sacrifice their sanity, privacy, and a good name even if it comes with notoriety and infamy, as long as they get the fame that comes with it.

Funny thing is that I think that Mulamwah and Sonie are just the start of this phenomenon-Where fame and stardom will subjugate orthodox social mores like that of washing dirty linen in public.

Could that be the reason? Maybe...What do you think?

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