Prophetic DNA warning Mulamwah was given before Sonie gave birth (screenshot)

Mulamwah's situation had been predicted by an online user

• Mulamwah had been warned about the possibility that the baby wasn't his.
• Yesterday Mulamwah came out to claim that Keilah wasn't his child.

in the past
Mulamwah with Carrol Sonie in the past
Image: Instagram

Mulamwah has been trending the past few days after he made a series of erratic remarks about his ex, Carrol Sonie.

The comedian hasn't been dishing out the funny with his recent posts online with his message yesterday taking the crown where he stated that he wasn't Keilah's father.

While Kenyans might be shocked about how things have transpired, it seems that there was a certain person who had foreseen the situation we are in right now. unearthed a comment where a Twitter user named African Bantu had spoken about a pregnancy photoshoot that Mulamwah had posted in August last year.

in happier times
Carrol Sonie with Mulamwah in happier times
Image: Instagram

In his message, African Bantu warned the comedian that he would be dumped the moment he found out the baby Carrol was carrying wasn't his. 

"Utaachwa siku ukipata mtoto si wako. Utatamani kufuta hizi picha na hutaweza!" (You will be left the day you find out the baby isn't yours. You will want to delete these images and won't be able to)

Check out the screenshot below:

Mulamamwah's post
Image: Twitter

Whoever this African Bantu person is, they must either have some inside information regarding the ex-couple's affairs or they might be a modern-day prophet. (Let's not forget that Sonie gave birth a month and a half after African Bantu wrote this message)

Either way, stay tuned as Mpasho will contact the Twitter user to find out more. 

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