Sonie thought she was clever with her posts-Mulamwah alleges

• The comedian gave more details as to why he had blocked Sonie from her social media accounts

With Carrol Sonnie
Mulamwah With Carrol Sonnie
Image: Instagram

Despite Carrol Sonie begging her baby daddy Mulamwah to be careful about what he says for their daughter's sake, the comedian is still not done giving his side of the story.

In a recent interview he did with Sauti TV, the entertainer opened up on the reason he had taken her social media accounts.

He defended his decision saying that his company runs the accounts of anyone close to him, even his lover Ruth, who he is now dating after Sonie.

"They help you build your brand. They make sure you look good, take you for treats...that's how they build your brand expecting that when you'll start making money, it will go to the company's account. So apart from us dating, you're an artist, so any income you get, a certain percentage goes to the company."

Mulamwah with Carrol Sonie
Image: Courtesy

He added that he felt Sonie was misusing the accounts after they broke up, something that was causing a lot of stress for him.

"It was the misuse that led to the account to be blocked. We broke up amicably, but later, she started posting things on social media thinking she was acting clever, which is not," he said.

He alleged that he didn't want to keep the accounts but after she started others, he decided to keep them.

"There is no bad blood between me and her. It's just that maybe businesswise we don't work well together. We didn't want to stay with her accounts. It's just that she just decided to open her own and I said let me continue. Plus it would be so disrespectful to post her man on an account that we created. That is nonsense!" 

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