•Esma Platnumz is a business woman who deals with fabrics and women clothings.

•She  is a single mother of two.

Esma and Diamond
Diamond Platnumz sister Esma Esma and Diamond

Esma Platnumz, sister to Diamond Platnumz has revealed why she does not like relying on her super-rich brother.

The businesswoman says she enjoys and loves working for her own money.

Speaking during an interview with Global TV Online, she said, "When you see the other person is rich don't be lazy around waiting for him to help.

Every family has a rich sibling, even people who are languishing in poverty have such.

But that does not mean that one should stop working just because they have a rich sibling or relative."

Esma says depending on a rich relative now and then makes one get looked down on.

"It will reach a point even his dog will despise you. I like working for my own money. I want to be rich like my brother Naseeb.

For me to get there I have to work hard."

Esma Platnumz had in an earlier interview revealed why her mum Sandra Dangote does not like addressing issues surrounding Diamond and Zuchu's alleged relationship.

Diamond's sister says that would be insulting. Speaking during an interview with a Tanzanian blog she said,

"I respect Khadija Kopa and I have never heard her say anything bad about Diamond and Zuchu. Every time she says she does not know adding that if they were to date she wouldn't stop them. I would also not stop them if they wanted to date."

Asked whether Diamond and Zuchu were dating at the time, she responded, "I do not know if they are dating, all I know is that they work together.

My mum will support his music but she cannot stand before the media and start talking about Diamond's relationship. That is insulting."

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