• "If she is pregnant I could have seen it by now.' - Esma

WCB reporter Aaliyah and Diamond PLatnumz
Image: Instagram

Esma Platnumz has responded to claims that Wasafi TV presenter, Aaliyah, miscarried Diamond Platnumz's pregnancy.

She says she was not even aware Aaliyah is pregnant.

"Aaliyah is my neighbour so we see each other a lot. Sometimes I sleep at her place and vice versa. I do not know about her pregnancy, I also do not know if she is dating Diamond, you should ask him such questions."

Esma added,

"I have given birth but I have not seen any signs of pregnancy, she looks normal to me. I am a mother myself so if she is pregnant I could have seen it by now," she said.

Aaliyah has for some time been rumoured to be dating Diamond something both of them have neither confirmed nor denied.

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