• "Diamond will speak for himself but the lady is stunning." - Esma

Diamond Platnumz and sister Esma
Diamond Platnumz and sister Esma

Diamond's brother Juma Lokole has spilled the beans on the details of his 'secret' wedding to a mystery bride.

Lokole said, "Diamond has married secretly. Tena mtoto mbichi. Tena mtoto anayejua dini vibaya mno. I found him (Diamond) praying in his house, something he rarely does, he starts praying at 1 am."

Juma added that Diamond chose to marry during Ramadhan so he could spend time together with his new wife.

"He will reveal details after the Ramadhan period and he might also post on his social media. Mama Dangote is also very happy since her son has been in people's mouths about him being a single man despite his wealth."

'People are saying it is kiki. How can you do that during Ramadhan?' Lokole defended Diamond.

The bongo superstar posted a photo of a handwritten note from his 'wife'.

Check it out below.

His older sister, Esma Platnumz also could not hold back, she spilt about the 'secret' wedding and her mystery 'sister-in-law'.

"Anyone can be Diamond's love and the bride is lucky to be his love," She said.

Asked if he is indeed married or it is all clout, she said, "Time will tell."

She then went ahead to sing a popular wedding taarab song, "Chombo chombo hicho..."

Esma continued saying that the wedding was a surprise to them too.

"There are people who are lucky. We cannot believe it. I pray not to say much. He will speak for himself but the lady is stunning."

Earlier, she took to social media to tease, "My young bro, I support you. Can’t wait for everyone to meet your new love. Mpo tayari!!? Unajua ulipo na mimi nipo siku zote. Yuda mie yanini mie!!! English Material ya bwana Foa  @esma_dangote."

Diamond's brother Romy Jons wrote, "Mdogo wangu akisema aoe mwezi huu hizo baraka ni zake mimi sisemi. Wa kuoa tusmchagulie tafadhali."

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