• YY says Marya got sick at around 3 a.m hence she had to be admitted.

• YY and Marya welcomed a daughter a few months ago.

YY with Marya
Image: Courtesy

Churchill comedian YY has revealed his baby mama was yesterday admitted to the hospital after she developed breathing complications.

Taking to his socials YY shared a video of Marya being driven away in an ambulance and captioned

"3 am last night really got us. I was so scared @marya_okoth couldn’t breathe…I had to call an ambulance and she got stabilized at the parking before we left for the hospital to determine the cause.

We thank God…with all honesty I have spent more than double what I paid to sign up for a medical cover but we still paid nothing …I Highly recommend during such times."

Kenyans were not excited at YY sharing a video of a sick Marya on social media with some pointing out that it might be an advertising scheme.

jeanetteatieno31: And you had the time to record and someone wasn't breathing at 3 am? smh #lost nation.

tommygirl684: Hii ni advert ama ni really..... Who films at a time of crisis? 

denmas01: Sijui watu hupata wapi nguvu ya kuchukua video during such a scaring emergency. Hope am not overthinking.

chief_mzazi: We don't pray for sickness but if it strikes you won't find time to film. Usicheze na ugonjwa ask around wat it means anyway promotion lazima ipigwe.

tbaby721: Content creators si mnakuwanga na nguvu ya kufilm hata mtu akiwa mahututi huwezi waamini.

randy_sovi: Tooo much ad. Never be a clout person. We have serious problems which happen.kijana Heshimu Mungu.

Early this year Size 8 and DJ Mo were harshly criticised after the spin master shared a video of his wife who was critically ill.

At the time she was struggling with high blood pressure. Many felt sharing the video of a struggling Size 8 was uncalled for.

Speaking to Mpasho.co.ke, Mo said her blood pressure was high.

"Yes, she was rushed to the hospital and hospitalised due to high blood pressure. She is doing much better now."

Last year, the mother of two lost her pregnancy due to high blood pressure.

"The pressure has been high throughout the pregnancy. At some point we even had to change the medication to try and maintain it," Size 8 said.

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