• YY celebrated Marya for being a good mother.

• The couple had previously lost a child.

YY with Marya
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Churchill comedian YY has revealed how his baby mama was shocked after learning she was heavy with child.

The father of one says his partner thought he would disappear into the woods once he got wind of the news.

In a witty Mother's Day appreciation post, YY wrote,

"You brought me the test kit crying because you didn’t know how to face motherhood…Also, a part of you thought I would disappear and you would end up alone in it. How can I forget testing my urine too just to ensure the kits are genuine, ndio nisiharibu furaha.

For the strength I saw and experienced with you, you only deserve the things you wish for! Happy Mother’s day Mama Circe."

In a previous Q and A segment, Marya had revealed how she hated scented smells. She noted that during her pregnancy she got a weird issue with whistling. 

"I hated kuskia mtu akiwhistle. 

She explained that she had lost the desire to eat any meat that wasn't beef, even though she loved fish!

...my girl said that you will not eat what you want and what you want is what you will hate...Nilishindwa kukula kila nyama except beef...even chicken."

Marya also opened up on the pregnancy option she used saying that she had delivered naturally and not through the Caesarean Section.

"To be honest, natural...My experience was very smooth..when it comes to pain kusema ukweli misivumiliangi, I am a softy and if at all I managed that's enough reason."

In a video that he posted, the entertainer can be seen cradling his baby girl as he updated his fans on the journey he and Marya went through.

"God promoted me to be a father the other day. It's been a journey. A lot of you just see baby bump photos and think it was easy. It was very difficult. We came to RFH and met a team of professionals who were able to push the labour period by 3 weeks."

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