Alvin Chivondo, man bailed by Sonko for shoplifting arrested again

Alvin Chivondo arrested again weeks after being bailed out by Mike Sonko

• Chivondo was caught trying to steal flour from Naivas supermarket located along Ronald Ngala street within Nairobi CBD.

• Chivondo had earlier been arrested for shoplifting at Naivas, Moi Avenue Branch.

Alvin Chivondo
Alvin Chivondo
Image: Courtesy

Alvin Linus Chivondo, the young man who was bailed out by Mike Sonko for shoplifting foodstuffs at Naivas supermarket has been nabbed again.

The young lad was caught shoplifting at a different Naivas Branch.

Mr. Chivondo had been sentenced to 1 year in jail or pay a Ksh 100,000 after pleading guilty of shoplifting from Naivas Supermarket along Moi Avenue.

The case attracted a lot of attention after he said he stole because he had a younger family adding that he had just lost his job.

On Thursday May 19, 2022, Chivondo was caught trying to steal flour from Naivas supermarket located along Ronald Ngala street within Nairobi CBD.

the Ex-Nairobi governor
Mike Sonko the Ex-Nairobi governor
Image: Ezekiel Aming'a

He's currently detained at Central Police Station awaiting to be taken to court once investigations into the incident are over.

Churchill comedian YY had also taken to his socials to fundraise the 100K needed to bail Chivondo during his first arrest.

Before he could resent the money Sonko bailed Chivondo out. YY still kept his promise and gave Chivondo the 100K.

In an interview with Mungai Eve, Chivondo said he had never stolen before insisting this was his first time.

He said that both his parents were alive but that they had separated in 2003. He said that he had two siblings;  a first-born who had passed on and a sister who followed him.

He lost his job as a loader at a furniture shop before it closed down before he started hawking in town. But things hadn't gone well for him.

Was it true that he had stolen the goods for his family? Mungai asked.

"Yes, I have a 4-month-old baby and their mother. I have dated the mom since 2020. The reason I did it was that I didn't have a job at the time and my wife and child didn't have food."

He then explained how the whole sordid affair had started,

"On both Thursday and Friday, I didn't have any money for food. Even Saturday I didn't go back home as I was embarrassed.

I was wondering where the money would come from? I tried speaking to people to help me in Town but none did. I only had Sh 30 and I used that money to buy the paper I wanted to use to carry the items I had taken from the supermarket."

Before adding,

"That's when the lady at the till asked whether I had paid for the stolen goods. I was honest and told her I hadn't. That is when she called the watchmen for me."

Had he ever stolen from a supermarket before?

"It was the first time. The people who caught me said that they had never apprehended me before. In fact, they told me they would buy me Sh 300 worth of food.

I ended up sleeping in the supermarket before I was woken up. That's when I saw the police. He was then taken to Central Police Station."

As they say, a leopard cannot change its spots.

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